Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Phat Joe Suspended for Semenya Comments

The wonderful rainbow nation we call South Africa, has no clue what freedom of speech means. Phat Joe has been suspended for what I would call, benign remarks, regarding Semenya. His line of questioning was appropriate and in the public interest. It seems "the powers that be" will go to extraordinary lengths to conceal the truth.

A Kaya FM DJ has been suspended after listeners complained that his comments about revelations that Caster Semenya was inter-sexed were "harsh".

Phat Joe, whose real name is Majota Khambule, invited listeners to express their views on the Semenya issue on Friday morning, after an Australian newspaper claimed the results of the sex tests the teenager had allegedly undergone showed she had "no womb and no ovaries, and had internal testes".

During his show, Phat Joe said the following:

"Does this mean that at this point she has never had a period? To some extent, she should have known that something is not 100 percent right, she was still waiting for her period perhaps?"

"Did she cheat when she left those women (behind) in Germany? Why is it possible that she could not have known that she is not 100 percent female?"

Some of the callers were offended by the remarks. One caller, a man, asked him to be sensitive about the issue, telling him he had three times referred to Semenya as having testicles instead of internal testes, as it had been reported.

But Phat Joe shot back: "What is the difference between testes and testicles? Let's say she has testes, what does that mean to you? Does it mean she is a man or a woman? She is either a natural phenomenon, or something is wrong and something should be fixed".

4 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Phat joe is a blabbering idiot.

Quark said...

Sure Phat Joe is a blabbering idiot. Still, evidently the complainants are raging libs who will not rest until we have all had our mouths sown shut.

Quark said...

A comment for Dach's Service Delivery / Hermaphroditism post (why has she disabled comments for that post!!?)


Oh well, I guess this explains why men have lost their balls and the feminists are taking over :-)

JustAthought said...

Phat Joe was suspended for saying things most people won't dare say and that's what I like about him. He asked valid questions that needed to be asked. Chuene too the whole SA for fools. He should be fired! Kaya bring Phat Joe back!