Saturday, September 19, 2009

PeeCee wackiness in Nuh Zuhlund

Labour proposed amendments requiring the new Auckland Council to have a Pacific Advisory Board and an Asian Advisory Board.

Personally I think it is weird that Labour wants to dictate to the Auckland Council how it consults with ethnic communities, as if it doesn’t trust Aucklanders to be able to work this stuff out for themselves.

But my question is why they have only sought to legislate for a Pacific advisory board and an Asian advisory board? Why have they not championed a South African advisory board? New Zealand has 42,000 residents born in South Africa, and it is well known many of them live in Auckland. More New Zealanders were born in South Africa than in Tonga, Fiji, Korea, and the Cook Islands.

So why is Labour not fighting for South Africans in Auckland to have an advisory board? Is it just they have not reached a certain population threshold? Will they try and introduce a law to create such a board when their population does reach a certain threshold?

Or maybe they could just trust the new Auckland Council to work out how it liaises and consults with the many ethnic communities of Auckland. You see without Phil Twyford telling them how to do their job, they might decide to do things differently. They might realise Indians and Japanese don’t always like being lumped in together, and create separate boards for each. Or they might decide you don’t needs boards at all, and just need regular meetings between Councillors and ethnic community groups. Or they may organise a couple of forums a year open to all such groups.

Source: Kiwiblog

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How about a special board for the sheep as they outnumber all humans in NSL?
Would the ants get restless than ?

Mad Kiwi said...

I missed this post.

Apartheid is strong here in UnZud, and very much like SA if you are pigment crippled then you can literally get away with murder.

The Labour government consists mostly of academics and unionists, with a vast portion of them belonging to some or other Communist party or organisation. Many of them are still stuck in the hippy days and were some time in their lives active protesters, i.e. Helen Clark was one of the head sheep during the Anti Apartheid protests during the 80's Springbok tour.

In short, they are a bunch of frustrated aging hippies who never grew up, still think smoking pot does you no harm, and think NZ is a clean, green country who punches above its weight. Thinks about it, that goes for a very large portion of the sheep living here.

La-la land in other words...