Friday, September 11, 2009

Pass rates by race proving you can't fix stupid

The DA asked the Minister of Basic Education for the breakdown of matric candidates in 2008 in terms of race and pass rates. See the results below. For comparative purposes for this post I'll refer to the main races, whites and blacks. What it shows is that perhaps they need to dumb it down even further, whitey's already pushing past 99% average so the thing's a joke and the bleks, eish, they're not getting it.

Since these matriculants began school three years after apartheid ended, no doubt they will still try to find some bounce in that dead cat, although with Julius our brudda having discovered a shiny new kitten, the results will be blamed on the exams being racist.

Summed up, the pass rate was as follows:

Eastern Cape
Whites: 98,95%
Blacks: 45,52%

Free State
Whites: 99,03%
Blacks: 68,06%

Whites: 99,11%
Blacks: 70,37%

Whites: 99,52%
Blacks: 53,33%

Whites: 99,50%
Blacks: 53,90%

Whites: 99,02%
Blacks: 49,27%

North West
Whites: 99,36%

Northern Cape
Whites: 99,37%
Blacks: 65,42%

Western Cape
Whites: 99,62%
Blacks: 59,93%

Issued by: Department of Basic Education, September 9, 2009. Click here for the table.

3 Opinion(s):

Treacle Bender said...

Whoohooooooo...go whites, YEAH!!

Anonymous said...

I think the whites should start school at 3 so that the blacks can have a handicap to work off. They can start at 10. Maybe then they can wangle the results to fit the curve. 15 year old white matriculants vs 22years bleks...

Islandshark said...

But you don't understand - it's apartheid oppression. Burning down schools and chanting ANC slogans instead of studying like civilised students were just rumours.

Little green men from the planet Mars removed schools while hard working students were busy learning the finer details of "necklacing", stone throwing, raping and plundering.

They are good at those things they studied so hard for.