Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama’s Affirmative Action and Bush’s Legacy Admission

Guy White has such a lovely way with words. About Michelle Obama he explains, "she's not outright dumb...."

I’ve written before that Affirmative Action is far more harmful than admission of rich kids whose parents donated money. Rich parents improve education by funding libraries, labs, scholarships – all while causing only one or two students to be admitted per year in a given school. Meanwhile, affirmative action floods universities with a huge percentage of students who are simply not capable of doing college-level work, and therefore, lower standards, as well as the future ability to network, seeing as many of them don’t even graduate.

What’s interesting also is our media could not stop talking about George Bush’s admission to Yale. He was a legacy student. His father was rich and powerful. And yet, his IQ score is in the 120’s, definitely high enough to do college-level work.

This was partly a political issue where the liberal media was coming after the Republican President. However, even John Kerry’s grades and aid in getting admitted came up.

On the other hand, Barack and Michelle Obama may not be assailed for benefiting from affirmative action. Any such criticism will result in the modern version of burning witches at the stake – accusation of racism. As Bill Clinton once said, there’s nothing worse than racism. Truly, in our society, there definitely isn’t anything worse.

Barack is decently bright, though it’s doubtful that a white law student would get away being a Harvard Law Review editor without publishing a single article (”note”, actually). Furthermore, many whites are perfectly qualified to get admitted to Harvard, but are rejected just because the competition is so stiff that there’s simply not enough space for everyone. If you are black and even remotely qualified, you’ll get scholarships and the Dean of Admissions will be calling you at home begging to choose Harvard’s full scholarship over Yale’s.

Thus, even if Obama is bright enough to go to Harvard, there’s still a decent chance that he’d have been rejected had he been white. Do we hear anyone discuss that?

Michelle Obama is an even worse case. She’s clearly unqualified. I’ve heard that her SAT scores were in the 900s, and I believe it. Every time she opens her mouth, you know that she doesn’t belong anywhere outside an Associate’s program at a local Community College. She’s not outright dumb, but she’s just not Princeton/Harvard Law smart.

I can’t imagine that a white person with her IQ would wind up as anything more than a paralegal. Again, it’s not a bad thing to be a paralegal, and I don’t mean to be a snob (I do realize that this is how I come off right now), but there’s a difference between an AA from Indiana’s Gary Community College and a JD from Harvard Law.

Steve Sailer posted parts of her senior thesis and it’s absolutely brutal. It wouldn’t get a C in a nice suburban high school.

She hyphenated “thank you”. In her senior year in Princeton, she couldn’t spell a word that people across the world, people who never even studied English, would know how to spell. Are you kidding me?!

George Bush would’ve been killed for this. Remember Dan Quayle misspelling potato? Yet, nobody dares to call Michelle on it.

Why was Bush’s Legacy Admission fair game, but the Obamas’ affirmative action sacred? Likewise, why was it acceptable to discuss that JFK Jr failed the bar, but not that Michelle did? (New York’s black governor David Patterson took it multiple times, but never passed. The bar makes proper accommodations for the blind, so it’s a fake excuse.)

Why was it acceptable to say that George Bush (both of them, actually), Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Dan Quayle are stupid, but not acceptable for anyone to say that Obama is anything short of genius? Why must his intelligence always be praised before one either agrees or disagrees with him?

Why was it acceptable to discuss the motive of Bush, Richard Nixon, Herbert Hoover, but not Barack Obama?

Why is this President different from every other President? Why is he different from every President outside of Africa and other Third World rat holes?

This is not a Barack issue, this is a black issue. Blacks are beyond the pale of criticism. Thus, we can talk about legacy admission, but not affirmative action, even though the latter is weighed far more heavily than the former. (At University of Michigan, which was the site of the latest affirmative action Supreme Court case, legacy was worth 4 points, while blackness was worth 20. Perfect SAT/ACT scores were worth only 12 points, almost 50% less than blackness.)

The most central point of democracy is the ability to criticize our rulers. America is democracy no more.

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Viking said...

nice post, FE
I had no idea MO was such an illiterate!

Anonymous said...

You can take the monkey out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of the monkey. Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

Remember how Thabo was also praised as an intellectual, and highly intelligent and cleverer than the rest of us who run the economy, employ people, pay taxes, look after ourselves and generally make a success of life - ?

Remember how we were told that we're too dumb to grasp what he was up to - ?

Well seems we dumb shits turned out to be right about questioning his actions. And Thabo was exposed as just another AA appointee who fucked up and got away with it. He should be in jail.

Barry will go the same way.