Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Obama Era is Over

By Steven Crowder

Rejoice! While yes, Barack Hussein Obama is still our president, the era of radical liberalism running amuck, unchecked by mainstream America is over. As the Oval office becomes more and more tainted, Americans are slowly coming back to their roots, embracing conservative values and finding their inner anti-hippie. Are you guys as stoked as I am?

It’s no secret that Obama’s approval ratings look terrible. Considering how early it is in his presidency and just how much the media loves to cuddle up to the ol’ guy, the numbers make a bolder statement than we’ve seen in years. People aren’t buying the leftist parlor tricks anymore. The days of selling America as an evil empire and the Republican party as the power-hungry, war-mongering oil-men are over.

See, unlike when Bush’s approval ratings started dropping (where he was consistently railed by the media, Hollywood and SNL), Barack Obama is aggravating the American people, in SPITE of having everything set in his favor (be it the press, the House, the Senate or Comedy Central).

The numbers reflect more than simple disappointment in the new President’s lackluster performance. They are a symbol of the American people flipping the proverbial finger to not only Washington, but to Hollywood and the good old boys heading up the entertainment industry’s establishment. Americans are saying “Hey Natalie Portman, Lorne Michaels, Green Day and Sean Penn… We’re not listening to you anymore. Stuff it high and hard you toolbags!”

It’s not that the United States has really shifted from right to left, as we’ve always been a center-right nation. For a long time however, Americans gave the Hollywood elite a free pass on their anti-American crusade because in some sense… We saw them as an underdog. After all (up until 2008) more people voted for George W. Bush than any other president in history, and he was a pretty polarizing figure, so the Hollywood folks had a right to complain.

The general American public hates to step on anything that they could see as a “minority” and so we let them be. And so the tinseltown propaganda machine became more powerful than ever, and unbeknown to the American public, they began to permeate our values. A war supported by the vast majority of Americans slowly lost approval (despite the policy in how it was fought remaining very much the same) and Americans took a rip-roaring economy for granted. For a while many Americans felt guilty for being just that… Americans.

All that’s changed since Obama’s inauguration and has recently been crystallized by the Van Jones fiasco. Despite all major news outlets sweeping the story under the rug, Americans were appalled by the man.

The best way to explain the sentiment would be to compare the American people to volatile teenagers; Sure they’ll claim that they’re parents are out of touch, uptight jerks but ultimately they want a real adult at the tiller of the ship.

In the same way, there are plenty of Americans who will accuse the country of mediocrity and point the finger at our “misguided patriotism” but in the end… They do NOT want their leader to feel the same way. They want our governing body to be the “man” against which they can rebel, not a mirror-image of themselves.

Once the “American Idiot” concert stops and the kids go home, they want someone who’s going to set an example for them, not another mascara-laden, horomone charged punk-rocker.

Right now, America feels like it is being run by nothing more than the kids’ table. Which is why, as more of these Van Jones-like incidents arise I think you are going to see a conservative revival the likes of which have never been seen.

Sean Penn, get your bunker stocked and ready.

4 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

"For a while many Americans felt guilty for being just that… Americans."

Wow - just substitute the word whites for Americans and you have the story of the white race.

Anonymous said...

Look at the MSM spin this one:

Doberman said...

Uh duh, take a busload of supporters into a room and the msm reports on how everyone is in agreement.., such critical analysis. That's CNN for you. The Rasmussen polls unlike the CNN sponsored crap show most Americans do NOT want healthcare reform and neither do most Democratic blue dogs. Obama is farting against the wind on this one. Drop it like Clinton did in 94 or be dropped in 2012.

Anonymous said...

People need to wake up to the fact that differentiating between the Democratic party and the Republican party is a waste of time, because they are controlled by the same group. If they want real change they will need to look at a third option.

This is how divide and conquer works. Keeps you busy with irrelevant shit.