Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Take on the Refugee Question

Today's Weekend Argus carried a front page spread shedding some new and interesting light on the case of Brandon Huntley. It turns out that hundreds of South Africans have already been granted asylum over the past few years, yet none has caused such an uproar as Huntley. Could it be that it's because he's white? It's very difficult to come to a different conclusion, in fact.

Brandon Huntley, South Africa's white refugee who 'fled' to Canada to escape being targetted by 'black criminals' is not alone.

The Saturday Star can reveal, as diplomats scramble to repair the rift caused by the international embarassment to South Africa, that Canada has granted asylum to a further 32 South Africans.

In fact, there are more than 600 South Africans living as refugees across the world:

  • 170 in Germany

  • 111 in the United States

  • 46 in Ireland

  • 33 in Canada

  • 25 in the UK

  • 18 in France

  • 15 in Australia

    But on Friday United National High Commission on Refugees' southern African representative, Sanda Kimbimbi, said there were no grounds for any South African to be granted refugee status anywhere in the world.

    "Crime cannot be grounds for application because it is not listed as one of the grounds to apply for refugee status.

    "And how do you articulate your claims ? because you are a victim of crime? Crime is not committed by the state. To say the state is not able to protect you is far fetched. Anyone can be a victim of crime. If that was the case, then anyone in SA would be able to claim it."

    As the diplomatic rift between Pretoria and Ottawa deepened, the Canadian government instructed its lawyers to fight Canada's independent Immigrations and Refugee board?s decision to grant Huntley asylum.

    Dr Abraham Nkomo, South African High Commissioner to Canada told the Saturday Star that he had been informed of the Canadian government's decision and that the court would take between 30 and 90 days to review the decision.

    "They have understood our case and submission and want to place on record that they have a very high regard for SA's track record, its interracial harmony and democracy that has been observed in our country," he told the Saturday Star on Friday.

    "They also take into regard the bilateral relations between our two countries which are very strong."

    He said in Huntley?s case there was also the perception that he had tried to circumvent the stringent residency and citizenship procedures to applying for citizenship.

    The 31-year-old Huntley, who lives in Ottawa, had based his application on his persecution as a white man in South Africa, saying he'd been the victim of seven attempted robberies and called a "white dog" and "settler."

    Huntley is originally from Mowbray, a middle class suburb in Cape Town. He told the refugee board he had been attacked seven times - including three stabbings - by black South Africans. He did not report any of the incidents to police, saying he did not trust them.

    He had been staying illegally in Canada from 2006 and argued that his safety would be in danger if he returned.

    This week, Huntley went to ground after the furore sparked a ferocious international debate that played out across embassies, the Internet and newspaper columns, closing off access to his Facebook site initially and then later completely withdrawing his profile.

    Attempts to reach Huntley?s lawyer Russell Kaplan were also fruitless and his family have also kept tight-lipped.
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    Censorbugbear said...

    Whites ‘no longer welcome in the streets of Johannesburg’

    Afrikaner Pieter du Preez, robbed by huge black crowd in Johannesburg
    Beeld reader Pieter du Preez writes 2009-09-03 that he and a black colleague were walking in the streets of Johannesburg recently. “We were both neatly dressed. Yet a group of about eight black people grabbed me and robbed me, while my black colleague, who was trying to help, was held at gunpoint and forced to stand and watch my ordeal amongs a crowd of hundreds of blacks who all stood and watched as I was being publicly humiliated, strip-searched for valuables and robbed. My black colleague was told by blacks amongst the crowd that this ‘robbery’ was just a lesson that white people aren’t welcome in the streets of Johannesburg any longer.

    Perhaps we whites should create a website where racist attacks like this are published for the rest of the world to read.

    FishEagle said...

    The SA government refuses to protect whites in this country, recalling whites that have been granted refugee status. If that isn't racist, then what is? The SA government just lost their case!

    Black Coffee said...

    Censorbugbear - now did this incident really happen? I went all over Johbg, sometimes escorted by a black friend, sometimes not. I did get mugged once, so it's possible this actually happened, but if he was attacked on streets of Johbg just because he is white - that seems so opposite to what I saw and experienced that I just do not know about this one.

    Viking said...

    @Black Coffee
    why wouldn't it have happened?
    I've never been mugged in the two years I've lived here, nor on any previous visit to many towns in SA including Pretoria, back when I was a sceptic about the crime in SA. I was just lucky not to be a statistic, and just because I haven't been a victim (except of a housebreaking) it doesn't lead me to question the experiences of others.
    I have experienced glares of what I can only describe as hatred while driving through a township, accompanied with angry shouts. People in SA are quite territorial it seems.
    You seem to have had a fortunate time of it, but why push it? Would you really risk your life to prove a point?
    Human life is worth nothing here, people are routinely killed for R20 in their pocket. It's just not worth it.

    Islandshark said...

    I think it is time BC gets booted off this site.

    He is beginning to sound like the ANC communists, downplaying each incident where a white person is the victim with nonsense.

    As far as I am concerned, let him get his liberal I-luv-savage-blacks-more-than-I-do-peaceful-law-abiding-white-citizens arse over to South Africa and eliminated.

    One less liberal in this world and one less thug to tarnish the memory of each white victim in South Africa sounds perfect to me.

    Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


    I have setup a joint project blog. If you want to blog to it, please email me at:

    It is at:

    Title: Why We Support Huntley’s White Refugee Status…

    Got a “Why I/We Support Brandon Huntley’s Refugee Status” email/letter? or Op Ed Piece…

    Blog it directly to this blog at:

    It will be in the queue, and all a moderator needs to do is, make sure it ain’t spam, and its relevant, and then it will be posted.

    This is a joint project, by various RSA bloggers, and concerned individuals

    This site includes:
    (a) LETTERS: Emails/Letters sent to Canadian, or South African Officials;
    (b) NEWS ARTICLE: White Refugee Main Stream News Stories;
    (c) BLOGGER OPED: An original, or sourced bloggers Op Ed Opinion on White Refugee Issues,
    (d) REFERENCE: White Refugee Supporting Documentation.....


    FishEagle said...

    @ Viking, your comment "Human life is worth nothing here," is very true. Human life used to mean something though and it is that adjustment that is causing whites that have lived here in the 'good ol' days' so much anger and hatred. Yet we are afforded NO empathy by other whites, like BC.

    Rather than blame us for apartheid, whites like BC should listen to us. Some day all the white nations will be facing this problem so they HAVE TO LISTEN. Then again, as VI said, their opinions really only seemed to be swayed depending on the depth of the blood bath. In that case, we can sacrifice them.

    Censorbugbear said...

    There's already a very active support group for Huntley on You Tube.


    Vanilla Ice said...

    @Dobes. I support Islandshark's call to have BC booted. I am fully aware that you have taken the position that he, somehow, enriches the debate. I disagree and many agree with me.

    He has now taken to discounting the anecdotes provided by South Africans, even calling their truthfulness into question.

    The situation in South Africa is dire, we all know that; it doesn't require proof. This notion that somehow if we keep BC posting comments, that we will be seen as right of centre, open minded and tolerant of opposing views is nonesense. This site has a specific theme and BC is free to start his own blog, where he can criticise and comment as much as he likes.

    It is always kind of quaint to have the retarded cousin around when we are engaging in small talk. We get to understand his mental processes and we get a new perspective; but when matters call for urgent action and adult reasoning (like with the Huntley saga) then there is no space for the cousin. BC is that cousin. he needs to get out of the way so that real work can be done.

    You can indulge him all you like, but it alienates people and certainly prevents many from truly expressing themselves when their trauma is brought into question.

    Islandshark said...

    @ VI & Dobes:

    I'm all for different opinions. We can't all agree on everything - that would be extremely boring.

    But BC gets into debates / arguments under the guise of "information gathering". He worms his way into informed and enlightened debates only to end up discrediting whatever facts are laid before him. Without fail.

    Any sane, well-balanced individual can take one look at reports posted by Censorbugbear and realise she has no intention of twisting and turning facts or spreading false reports. She reports on the plight of white South Africans and the genocide of white farmers in SA from the perspective of rampant crime in SA. She is clearly an old-school journalist from an era where the facts actually counted for something - unlike the Ministry of Lies which is MSM today.

    I am well beyond the point of getting into debates with BC - I am one of those tough bastards in life who doesn't suffer fools gladly and have better things to do than attempt to switch lights on for those who will not see.

    But I will go far for those interested in the truth.

    Exzanian said...

    Having been viewing BC's comments for awahile, I have no doubt that he is sincere. However, he is deluded by his own pity. If BC were honest, he would admit that he feels a deep stabbing pain of pity for the blacks. Why this should be so I have no idea, but he needs to understand that its 15 years after apartheid finally ended, the blacks are on their own now, they don't need defending anymore.

    Islandshark said...

    Liberals always operate under the guise of being "sincere".

    Yet they are responsible for the most destructive actions on this planet. BC is no different.

    Viking said...


    Islandshark you made a good argument. I'm switching my view from pro-BC to neutral.


    Vanilla Ice said...

    @Islandshark. Don't be under the illusion that I have any sway on this blog. I don't, and it isn't the first time that there has been a call to have BC banished.

    I agree with your sentiments however. I too am beyond engaging BC. I no longer commit the same levels of time and energy to report life in South Africa through this forum, only to have to defend, justify or flex intellectual muscle with the likes of BC; and to be perplexed that his "right" to comment is virtually unassailable. So from BC's perspective, this is probably a small victory.

    Anyway, those are the rules by which we play and I'm certainly not in a mutinous mood; far from it. I think the cause is just and the efforts commendable.

    Doberman said...

    This being a community blog belonging to all of us, I will go by majority decision. All those in favour of allowing BC to comment say aye, those that want him to go to SA first and taste the real stuff first before commenting again say nay. Aye, he stays, nay he goes. I will comply with your wishes.

    Anonymous said...

    I like the requirement of BC having to live next to Diepsloot for 6 months to a year first. Even better, a smallholding near Magaliesburg where he will be regularly terrorised by the locals.

    Viking said...

    ultimately, its your blog and I'm sure everybody is 100% behind you.
    I abstain on this one - sorry, okes.
    I don't want to censor someone whose views are really very widely held. If he was spouting anti-Joo stuff all day every day I'd cut him loose, but I know that as things stand he really insults a lot of people, and I have to give weight to that view. Plus I respect what my fellow bloggers think so am withdrawing support for posting BCs comments.

    Pensioner said...

    My vote is NAY, bc's calling censorbugbear's honesty in question is totally laugable.
    I follow censorbugbear's blog daily and she reports the facts as they are given without fear or favour.

    Doberman said...

    Contributors tally thus far: Islandshark -nay, VI - nay, Viking - abstain, Pensioner - nay. Aye/Nay/Abs: 0-3-0. Not looking good for you BC.

    AMB said...


    FishEagle said...

    If it's come down to a choice between having VI or BC on the site, I ask, what are you waiting for? Bye bye BC.

    Islandshark said...

    @ Dobes & fellow contributors: I just want to re-iterate that my intention with the call to get BC off was honourable - I have no intention of leaving this blog if BC stays.

    However, I do think we have to be very careful what we allow on this blog. Since our aim is to expose the evils of the ANC and their complete disregard for human life, especially when it is shrouded with white skin, we don't need uninformed individuals discrediting every FACT posted on this blog. That doesn't qualify as opinion in my books, but as dilution of truth. And there is enough of that in MSM, over and above the outright lies and propaganda against white South Africans in particular.

    I share the sentiment that contributions and opinions to this blog will be impeded by individuals continually discrediting what we the informed know to be fact.

    BC had no "sincere" purpose in questioning the validity of Censorbugbear's post about a white man being robbed and humiliated by a gang of blacks while onlookers jeered on. It goes against BC's delusional perspective of SA and probably scares him too, because he also has black friends and must have realised how little that fact will distinguish him from the "racist whites" when it is his turn to be attacked. So instead of investigating the true nature and mindset of the majority mob, he falls back to that very destructive liberal propaganda crap - the facts CAN'T be right in their little minds, so they discredit it. Couldn't care less if their propaganda kills another 1,000 farmers, because it's not their arses on the line.

    I proposed towards the end of the 1990's that South Africa's total destruction would not occur through marauding black masses, but through liberal, appeasing whites not wanting to see the truth and thus covering up the facts or actually joining in the thievery. Look at what is happening is South Africa today and even other western countries for that matter, and tell me this is not exactly what is playing out before our eyes.

    FishEagle said...

    Islandshark, I am in awe of the passion in your comment.

    BC simply negated everything on this site without any respect for our thoughts and feelings. He succeeded in provoking my anger. I just didn't see the point of dwelling on my anger, which was only doing ME harm. Then I discovered how therapeutic it was to use BC's own tactic and I began to negate everything he said. I didn't want to put much effort into researching my statements because as we all know BC just doesn't care about SOME facts. As it turned out, I was right and I never needed to do any research. Plus, I got my therapy. Lol.

    My point is that as long as we negate BC's denials he can't do any harm and it doesn't take much effort to do that. However, it is unrealistic to expect people to spend all their time on the web negating the rubbish from BC. I would imagine there are people with very busy lives, such as VI, who shouldn't have to be caught up in an arm wrestle with an idiot like BC.

    I agree with you, get rid of BC.

    Islandshark said...

    @ FE: Absolutely. I immensely enjoy the contributions on this blog by fellow bloggers and informed opinions by individuals. Doberman started a wonderful source of information here - I've said it before.

    I would hate to think that such informative contributions are impeded by silly commentary from people with less than honest aspirations.

    FishEagle said...

    AMB, are you sure that is a no? Lol

    Black Coffee said...

    First - Doberman already promised not to bar me, so to do so now would be less than ethical. Second, it seems Islandshark and VI simply do not want alternative opinions. Third, I did not call CB a liar but did raise the question I did because she used to contribute to SAS. The people who run that site - one of them and one of his associates from another blog threatened my life and made harassing calls to my family when I posted things they did not like. Crimexpo SouthAfrica was exposed as a lying site, and I was questioning the truth of what CB posted. Not that the man was robbed, that happens in Johbg all the time, but that it was because he was white. Then again I thought about this and it is possible that he was attacked because of his whiteness. If so, it is the result of hate which hate produced. It's up to Doberman whether to continue to allow my comments or not. My comments, imho, are better informed than many others I see here, but as it is his blog it is his decision. Starting my own blog might be a good idea, I do not have time for that nowadays and for next 2-3 weeks my comments here will be minimal or none. Anyone who wants to may email me at Do not send me flames but I will be happy to entertain any serious discussion.

    Islandshark said...

    @ BC: You should attempt to read statements and analyse facts before making conclusions.

    You discredited Censorbugbear's post like you do any posts which point to the criminal and racist behaviour of South African blacks.

    Your absurd excuse now that you are backtracking faster than anybody can say "liberal idiot", is that Censorbugbear used to post at SAS and that makes her posts less credible. What nonsense.

    I've said it before, but so typical with liberals, you extract bits of statements and skew the facts until the final statement resembles nothing of the original (that's when your type isn't spreading outright lies) - I'm all for different opinions, but I have no time for uninformed fools discrediting facts and diluting the hard work of individuals whose aim is to inform the world about evils in SA and prevent their fellow citizens being victimised and murdered because of their skin colour.

    So please go and start your own blog - your poisonous, destructive, anti-white propaganda is a disgrace to any white person and even more so to any crime victim in South Africa.

    Your comments about life in SA after a 6-month stint more informed compared to the contributors of this site who lived the majority of their lives there (or still living there)?

    Do you even realise that you sound like a joke? And an extremely disturbing, sick one at that.

    Black Coffee said...

    Islandshark - you have not put forth your own views, yet you come on here and bark every now and then, from the "safety" of the UK I may add. I regret if you feel that I engage in anti-white propaganda but I am against white racism and will continue to be that way because white racism has caused untold damage around the world. And are you saying that only whites are victims of crime in South Africa? Because that is patently false, more blacks are victimized than whites. Whites still disproportionately live in nicer suburbs like Sandton and that goes back directly to legacy of apartheid and white privilege. As a Wits University professor told me soon after I landed in SA - crime does not occur in a vacuum. The criminals who do house invasions go where the money is, so of course they are going to go to Sandton and such areas.
    Note - I have not commented on the case of the refugee in Canada because I have not followed it enough to say anything. On the shutupwhitey blog Rooster posted all kinds of things accusing him of lying. However, I do not know enough about this to comment one way or another. The idea of whites being persecuted though seems far-fetched to me, especially in light of white unemployment rate in SA being only 5% while the black rate is much higher. From another post, we also know that blacks make up only about 13% of managers in SA's private sector, so is good old white racism still going on? You seem quick yourself to accept comments of those who agree with the refugee at face value while dismissing those from South Africans, including white ones, which refute the notion of whites being persecuted. Now during apartheid blacks were angry at their oppression and rightly so. Doberman's numerous posts here had me thinking today - don't whites have an equal right to be angry at their oppression if that is what goes on in South Africa? They do, but is that what really goes on in SA? Very questionable...
    Viking - the fact that you have not been robbed should indicate to you that crime is not all there is to SA. I do not know what kind of glares you got and where, I occasionally also received hostile glares in Soweto, in Joubert Park and even in Johannesburg CBD. But I can count on my fingers the number of times that has happened, out of millions of encounters with black South Africans. In my opinion, based on my experience, for the vast majority of blacks in SA - once they have walked past you they are not even thinking about you one way or the other. Can you say the same about whites? This was, by the way, the opposite of what I expected after everything I heard and read on Internet before my trip. I had also heard that life is worthless there. I think there is a class of South Africans - most of them black I admit, for whom this is true, they won't think twice about killing you. However, these are in the minority, a sizeable one though and one that SA police seem unable or unwilling to handle. But I do not think this is true of all Black South Africans. There are certain neighborhoods in some American cities where you can easily get killed for a buck or two. There are also certain areas of DC, Cincinnati and numerous other cities where if you go there and are white you will get some hostile stares, and I know from experience of others - might even get violently assaulted because you're a "white boy in the 'hood." Ex-zanian, one important point - 15 years in the grand scheme of history is a very short time considering that blacks in various parts of SA experienced up to 300 years of dispossession, segregation and racial oppression - a period I call in my dissertation - "apartheid before there was apartheid."

    Anonymous said...

    Nay! Remove wet fart BC, whose motto is: "Never let facts hide flatulence."

    BC has fiddle-farted enough on blogs to fill his own blog. So much for BC having little time. Go back to your anaerobic swamp BC!

    Ron. said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Ron. said...

    Looks like BC's offensive behaviour is catching up with him now because the contributors have about had enough of it. I think his true agenda here is not as innocent as many people presume because the nature of his comments often betrays what can only be described as a sinister motive because he employs sophistry / misdirection & outright denial of the documented facts.

    He has questioned the veracity of the reports Censorbugbear has presented [ which is rather hilarious when considering that she provides LINKS to the sources ] & even insulted before & has tried pathetically to link her with racism & does not even realize that she often put her life on the line exposing the Broederbond / National Party in the past when she was a professional journalist in the MAINSTREAM media. BC deliberately forgets that it is difficult to tar her with the "racist" or "extremist" brush when she has spent her life opposing Apartheid & championing the oppressed. The problem of course is that now that the oppressed classes are increasingly becoming White folks that BC would naturally have a problem with anyone championing their cause as it runs counter to the anti White agenda he supports to a degree that could only cause one to wonder about how he seems to think that this agenda will benefit him too. Might he be tipping his hand as to a possible "insider" status among elite circles who push the agenda.

    I think Islandshark's assessment of BC is quite right as I too have long since noticed how he distorts often in an attempt at denying the documented facts. I will never forget the time he tried to insinuate that the President of Genocide Watch was "racist" [ which is just a tired old gimmick used by those whose aim is to try to discredit those who are reporting facts the accuser does not like or want publicized ] for having the "audacity" to report on the documented growing genocide against White farmers. I think he must have almost had a heart attack when I linked to a video in which it was pointed out that Stanton first got interested & involved in stopping genocide after witnessing the Cambodian genocide. So much for his pathetic straw man.

    Ron. said...

    But I do not think that BC is necessarily an authentic "liberal" because at least even they would not be so obstinate & cling to falsehoods in the face of the facts presented to him because I strongly suspect that BC is only posing as such in order to cover for the true agenda he serves which ironically is quite fascist in nature. A lot of folks here presume that BC would change his tune if the same thing was happening to him or his people BUT I have to doubt this because the destruction of established White people / cultures [ particularly in South Africa ] is part of a larger agenda at engendering an even larger scale genocide which dovetails perfectly with the Malthusian population reduction thesis which most "liberal" Americans are raised on. Therefore: BC's attempts at covering up & denying the destruction of White peoples is just part of a larger agenda of control because he & his bosses would have a much harder time expropriating the wealth of the planet & constructing their macro Global state if there are too many pesky innovative / informed & independent White [ & others for that matter as they are only targeting the various White populations with the concerted force that they are as they view them as the biggest threat due to their often greater capacity to offer up resistance ] people around scuppering their goals. The ultimate goal of this despicable scheme is to make the various nation / states around the world more malleable in order to more easily fit into their proposed Global union which is rather ironic when one thinks about it because the destruction of the White people is directed by an elite of mainly [ like these so called White "liberals" who act as the "useful idiots" ] White folks but obviously an elite of White folks who do not seem to give a damn about their own peoples. This is all rather curious.

    Anonymous said...

    The real danger to society are liberals not blacks. The blacks are just pawns in a larger game. If you see the so called speech of Willie Lynch it makes you wonder who are the puppets and who are the puppet masters.

    BC cheers mate, you were a pain in the ass and it has made me come to a few conclusions.

    If you are in education - then our education system is trully bugger and so are our children as you would repeat the same biased crap year in year out making little BC's.

    Secondly - there is no hope for liberals seeing the truth. Again I point to the interview by the Russian ex KGB agent Uri Bezmenovwho said you can show a liberal the truth in black and white or video - they are so brainwashed they still would not believe you. Ideological subversion through educational institutions. Where liberals are made!

    He was right and we are trully fucked! Mini thesis ended.

    Ron. said...

    Therefore one could almost say that BC is more of a sort of conservative but one who is only interested in conserving the wealth & status of the elite he serves - rather than conserving the actual people who often toil for his elite masters - whether he realizes or not because the ideology he pushes does this.

    While I have been one of those who have not had a big problem with him commenting [ even though I often strongly disagreed with much of his assertions ] because he generally tips his own hand within his revealing comments which has probably even woken up some readers to the passive [ & not so passive ] denial of the plight of White peoples in South Africa I too now think that it might best be time to let him move on from here for the simple reason that it has proven to be futile to reason with him particularly when he presents straw men arguments & insults those who take the risk to report the facts.

    The whole thing is rather ironic because while BC often works hard to paint those who expose the truth as "extremists" [ which is just another ploy the establishment have ever used at dissuading folks from addressing the facts the elite would rather you not address by threatening to apply a scarlet letter moniker next to your name ] the reality is that the agenda he consciously or un-consciously serves is the most extreme of all as it involves nothing less than genocide & the concentration of wealth & power into the hands of an elite few.

    Doberman said...

    BC said, "Doberman's numerous posts here had me thinking today - don't whites have an equal right to be angry at their oppression if that is what goes on in South Africa? They do, but is that what really goes on in SA? Very questionable..." That will do BC, no more. You have no right to question that which you have never experienced and six months as a tourist doesn't cut my decades as a South African with skin in the game. Goodbye, you're the weakest link.

    Anonymous said...


    Whites do not have an equal right when it comes to oppression. Your great, great grandchildren would still be sitting with the same shit you are today at the rate it is going. Its destructive!

    NewsGuy said...

    The SA media is really blasting Brandon Huntely, portraying him as anything but a victim, saying he broke Canadian residency laws, etc. They're pulling out all the stops on this.

    We bloggers can turn the tide against the SA media, we just need to work together bringing out the truth.

    Doberman said...

    @ Newsguy, you're right. I am collecting as much evidence and articles and writings from around the world that support Huntley's position and forwarding it to Huntley's lawyer so that he may hopefully use in support of his client's position. What is shocking but not surprising is how much more supportive foreigners are of Huntley's dilemma than our own people in the media. We must all just keep the matter alive in the public eye until we know the young man wins his case.

    Doberman said...

    And on that subject, I am willing to devote as much time and space on ILSA in conjunction with other citizen media outlets to petition the Canadian Ministry concerned and Huntley's lawyer via letters of support, signatures etc.

    Viking said...

    @Anonymous 11:59
    You're right, you can't blame blacks for pushing their agenda and trying to get the best deal - but I remain deeply suspicious of those who want to work for the interests of others against their. From experience I can tell you it's not good-nature or generosity or a sense of public-mindedness. In fact it's deeply racist as it implies other canNOT look after their own interests.
    I would be tempted to say it comes from Christianity - the 'putting others first' sense - and I used to believe that but these liberals are secularists. It could only be a distortion of some part of New Testament theology if anything.
    I'm inclined to think it's a real psychological/sociopathic illness. The endless self-loathing is a sickness, and I'm not saying the alternative is selfishness or nationalistic ethnocentrism, but maybe just a sense of perspective.

    Islandshark said...

    Last joke is on BC, accusing me of barking from the safety of UK. Let's just examine one fact:

    IS: Born and lived in SA for 33 years.
    BC: Visited SA for 6 months.

    Thank you BC for a final display of utter delusion, total disregard for facts and idiotic conclusion.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Censorbugbear said...

    "Whites proportionally still live in richer suburbs' - Has BC ever gone to take a look at Pretoria North, or at the many thousands of tiny squatter camps which have mushroomed all across the land and which are occupied by Afrikaans-speaking whites. Perhaps he could take a look at all those sights and see the dismal deprivation caused by the ANC-regime's incredibly racist BEE-programmes which are barring whites from all public life in the country of their birth, only because they are white. Solidarity trade union's Helping Hand organisation is already helping to feed some 800,000 Afrikaner whites who are living in total destitution, without any hope of ever getting work again, or even the right to public housing or the right to a government pension -- only because they are 'previously advantaged". What planet is BC living on that he hasn't bothered to investigate these facts, which can be readily ascertained by visiting any of these camps in his vicinity?

    One-third of the Afrikaner nation has also emigrated legally - because they had the qualifications and the money to do so. Those who are left behind now are being plunged into dismal poverty.

    What's so strange about all this is that the ANC-regime created laws protecting the job-educational and social-welfare rights of the vast black MAJORITY from this very tiny minority of whites. Has anybody ever considered the fact that this is very odd indeed?

    White farmers now are left to farm LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of the entire South African land surface because of these anti-white land-ownership laws by the ANC-regime. So let's not even talk about the growing famine which, if BC opened his eyes, is growing all around him, with millions of people now totally unable to afford more than one square meal a week, according to Operation Hunger. Why else would the ANC-regime have feeding programmes for some 6-million black primary school pupils? Would this be necessary if the country had sufficient supplies of affordable food left?

    Black Coffee said...

    My comment will probably get deleted - just please summarize and put in your own words. Islandshark - I looked at your profile. The blogs you follow regarding the US and Britain clearly reveal you as a racist. So does your comments in another thread where you said "blacks have a propensity to violence, that's why Africa is in sorry state that it is in." That comment reveals an ignorance beyond words, all I can say is you try to appear to be intellectual with your vocabulary when in fact you either do not know shit or are deliberately denying reality. What color was Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the Skierlik killer? Don't tell me those were aberations either, there are plenty more white murderers, those are just ones who come to mind. Dobes - when you look at white unemployment rate of 5% versus 30% (or is it higher for blacks?), when one looks at that statistical fact, yes it is possible to say that you talk and post out of bitter personal experiences and not out of any evidence in the aggregate of whites being oppressed by ANC government. Also, I've read up a little about the refugee in Canada. It seems he is quite a martial arts fanatic and well-built, so how can he have been attacked 7 times and never made an attempt to defend himself? After I was mugged on Hoek Street, I went back there determined not to let that happen again and that if the assholes attacked me this time I'd apply what I learned in self-defense classes.
    CB- I am not in South Africa at moment, very unfortunately, as I miss that country beyond words. Next time I am there I will take up your challenge and visit the white squatter camps, please indicate their specific locations in Pretoria North. Are they accessible by minibus taxi?

    Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


    You looked at someon's profile, and from whom they were following you could deduce whether the person was a racist or not!

    Huh, that would make the CIA, and KGB... fucking pacifists, cause they fucking follow pacificsts, and terrorists, your dipshit for brains...

    Define racist.. Black Coffee... and then he may be one.. but in your kaffir thinking mind... anyone who disagrees with you is a fucking racist...

    So, with that logic, anyone who disagrees with me is a kaffir.. hence you are a jew kaffir.

    As for "blacks have a propensity to violence, that's why Africa is in sorry state that it is in."

    I shall add to that.. Black AFricans have a propensity for ignorance, stupidity, kaffir like savages on viagra type breeding of millions of hated and unwanted children; a proclivity for laziness, a proclivity for giving sweet fuck all about constituional republican principles, or civic goverment... and on and on....

    and that is why Kaffir Africa is in the state it is in...

    Racist enough for you, Black Coffee.. ???

    You clearly are one of the DEKKAFIRNATED COFFEE TYPES.. god almighty, give me fucking patience..

    Anonymous said...

    Andrea - you and Islandshark are both racist, come off as ignorant and are possibly psychotic.

    Islandshark said...

    Anon 3:54pm "Andrea - you and Islandshark are both racist, come off as ignorant and are possibly psychotic."

    Your story has touched my heart. Never before have I met somebody with as many problems as you.

    Now please piss off and go bother somebody else.