Saturday, September 26, 2009

Namibia in race with South Africa to be next Zimbabwe

SWAPO and former president of Namibia Sam Nujoma in a speech (September 19, 2009) to young black kids compared white people to black mambas and said they are dangerous. He said: "The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up."

Later, possibly still speaking only about 'Englishmen' but possibly about white people in general, he said: "Let us beat them, not with knobkieries, but with hammers in their heads, if they touch one of our SADC countries". He said this was the only way for black children to turn themselves into the guns and bullets with which to fight the imperialists. He told everyone in attendance that the imperialist whites were simply trying to tell Africans anything but not necessarily the truth.

He had a 6-page prepared speech in English but he chose instead to speak in Oshiwambo and neglected the prepared speech (hoping the English media at large wouldn't pick up on his words presumably). As we have demonstrated before with people with hidden agendas the truth of their views is found in unscripted moments.

This is classic race hate speech and worse still, a clear incitement to violence by yet another black leader against a minority white population in another African country.

Not a word of this has been reported by old media. Indeed a Google search revealed two sources with The Namibian providing most of the coverage, scathing in its response about this crass anti-white black racism. I'm hoping you will forward this post to the editors of the world's main news outlets, political parties around the world and NGOs like Agri-forum and Solidarity Union. We could be averting Zimbabwe-style attacks on Namibian whites.

Nujoma Breaks The Rules

It is a great pity that former President Sam Nujoma put aside the speech he had intended to deliver at the Swapo rally at Ongwediva on September 19, and instead chose to launch a vitriolic and inciteful attack on whites and foreigners.

His intended speech, published on the Swapo Party website, is far more considered and even though it bangs the drum for Swapo and extensively lists what he considers the achievements of the ruling party government over the years, is not offensive in nature.

Nujoma’s words, among others calling for Englishmen in particular and whites in general to be beaten up if necessary, and attacked with hammers, are in fact actionable and not in keeping with his bestowed status as ‘Father of the Nation’.

His words also clearly contravene Namibia’s electoral Code of Conduct for political parties (to which all registered political parties are signatory) as well as the Racial Discrimination Prohibition Act of 1991, and our revered Constitution.

The Code of Conduct for political parties clearly states: “Speakers at political rallies may not use language which incites violence in any form against any other person or group of persons. Parties will not issue pamphlets, newsletters or posters which contain materials which incite people to violence”.

Had we been a country in which democracy was cherished, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) and/or the Director of Elections himself, would clearly have spoken out against such inciteful language, and may quite possibly have taken action against the party in question. Because this is not the case, there has been an ominous silence, which we must take to mean consent about the former President’s statement.

The Director of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), Norman Tjombe, also reacted to the statement, which he said was tantamount to inciting racial disharmony, which is a criminal act in terms of the Racial Discrimination Prohibition Act.

“The law provides that it is an offence to threaten, ridicule or insult any person or group of persons on the grounds that such person or groups of persons belong to a particular racial group”.

“It is also a criminal offence to cause, encourage or incite disharmony of feelings of hostility, hatred or ill will between persons of different racial groups,” he added.

The Namibian Constitution, the LAC Director continued, made it clear that the practice of racial discrimination has no place in the constitutional dispensation of Namibia.

It was especially dangerous to make such statements during election campaigns, when the “political temperature and emotions are generally running high”, he said.

Tjombe advocated that Namibia should be working hard towards eradicating all violence. And while it had come a long way to ensuring that racism was rooted out, “there is still a huge task ahead to ensure that we are a tolerant and peaceful society”.

There are those who justify the former President’s statements, but they should remember that Namibia cannot build a just and equitable society if statements containing hatred and prejudice become the order of the day.

There are many foreigners who have actively supported the liberation of our country from colonial rule; there are also many countries right now which are assisting Namibia in terms of its development in both cash and kind, monies that are channelled bilaterally through the Swapo Government, with the approval of the ruling party.

There are also hosts of tourists who visit Namibia, bringing the cash infusion that is so necessary for our future wellbeing and economic progress, and comments such as the former President’s recent statements will not engender goodwill from abroad or visits from those who may have to fear for their lives.

There is still a huge groundswell of support for the former President, a man who headed the struggle for the liberation of Namibia. But most Namibians who care about our hard-won democracy will soon change their minds about him if he continues in this fashion.

We would therefore join all likeminded people in condemning the racist and inflammatory statements that were made by the former President at a political rally, and would urge him to be more considered in his words in the future.

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Grumbleguts said...

apologies, I cut and pasted a short piece from your post to put into a comment. No use sueing me for plagarism. I don't have any money.

Doberman said...

@ GG, and it goes for everyone, anybody is welcome to cut/copy/paste/borrow/link etc etc to whatever is found on ILSA. We are here for everyone to take whatever they need.

Mie1 said...

I beg to differ on the statement that none of the main media except the Namibian carried condemnation of Sam Nujoma's hate speech. Both the Republikein (Afrikaans) and the Allgemeine Zeitung (German) carried prominent articles.

Exzanian said...

"The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up."
This uneducated african peasant has no right to threaten the safety of First World citizens who harbour no ill feeling towards his race or his Country. This is Africa with an inferiority complex. Idiot! It sounds exactly like a speech mugarbage would make!

Doberman said...

@ Mie1, thanks for the correction although if you do the same Google search the two sources you quote do not appear.

@ ExZ, he is ragarded in Nam as the "father of the nation" can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Monkey see monkey do..

Nujoma obviously learned a few popularity lessons from Mugarbage. As soon as an African savage starts blurting out anti-white rethoric his fellow jigaboos laud him and hail him as a sort of godlike creature. The fact that they'll be starving tomorrow because of that is a reality that surpasses tribalist logic.
Shortly afterwards they come floating on rafts to Europe to pleez geef me wek boss, and then it starts anew.

Anonymous said...

Siener said that when the whites flee from Namibia to South Africa, then we, the South African whites will go into our toughest challenge.

Siener also said that although South Africa will go into it first, South Africa will also come out of it first.

What he meant exactly we don't know, although some people think he meant black rule.


These interpretations of his visions are in a book by Adriaan Snyman and he has been uncannily correct on Zimbabwe, Xenophobia etc.