Friday, September 11, 2009

Mugabe goes ape over sanctions

In similar vein to SA Sport and Recreation Minister Makhenkesi Stofile declaring war on the IAAF if Caster Semenya is disqualified from running as a woman because she is a hermaphrodite - a concept which means nothing to the unsubtle African mind where a small baby is considered woman enough to take a man size dick - Robert Mugabe is giving evil Breeteesh and Amerrican whites a tongue lashing for daring to impose sanctions. Typically, fellow munt Zuma is right behind him even as Mugabe continues to renege on all his promises to the MDC.

It won't get any better when Mugabe finally kicks the bucket: another knuckle-scraping gorilla will fill his shoes.

Harare - President Robert Mugabe on Friday lashed out at Western sanctions against him, condemning "bloody whites" for meddling in Zimbabwe's affairs, on the eve of a landmark European Union visit.

"Who said the British and the Americans should rule over others? That's why we say down with you. We have not invited these bloody whites. They want to poke their nose into our own affairs. Refuse that," he said.

"We have stood stood firm and we have refused to let go. Zimbabwe, sanctions or no sanctions, Zimbabwe remains ours," he told a gathering of his party's youth wing.

Mugabe spoke ahead of the first EU high-level visit in seven years led by aid chief Karel De Gucht.

The team will visit the nation to meet with Mugabe and his one-time rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who joined him in a unity government in February.

The EU and the United States imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his inner circle following a disputed presidential poll in 2002, which western nations as well as independent local poll monitors described as flawed.

Land reform programme

"Why are they sanctions? Why are our people being punished? It is because the imperialists want our heritage," he said

He also insisted he would not back down from his controversial land reforms launched nine years ago, which saw white-owned farms resettled with blacks in a bid to redress colonial-era inequities.

The chaotic reforms were tinged with political violence, while agricultural production plunged, leaving the nation dependent on food aid.

"There is no reversal of the land reform programme at all," Mugabe said.

"The land reform exercise is irreversible. Those who have sought relief from outside Zimbabwe should know that land acquisition is through legal means and for that reason, the noises they make will simply frustrate them more," he said.

Zuma backs Mugabe - see here.

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Viking said...

what heritage?
We see here the real price of racism - black racism. For Mugabe's pride thousands must die and millions displaced. Somebody shoot this ape.

Loggi said...

It is because the imperialists want our heritage," he said
Heritage? Bloody hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Any form of embarresment, irony, hypocracy, reciprocation, give-and-take, empathy, sympathy, self critisism, maintenance, lateral thought, visualisation, forward thought and causality are all alien to the African mind.

Instead there is only arrogance, self-delusion, envy, entitlement and demands, and a total lack of any code to live by, and a surreal sence of superiority based on hot air and the coaxing of liberal bunny huggers.

Exzanian said...

Filthy black cracker jingo bastard.

Anonymous said...

"Knuckle scraping Gorilla"? Ouch. You make a vivid point, but true nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Ag Shame.
Poor ape.