Thursday, September 17, 2009

More beatdown on whitey - ANC wants tougher EE fines

This continuous improvident bluster from the ANC is intended to beat the race drum to divert attention from the ANC's mounting deficiencies. If you keep scolding bad whitey, be it for not attending an athlete's return or for failing to live harmoniously in university campuses you create a target for the masses. A lie repeated often enough becomes fact. This regular beating says it's not the ANC's policies that are wanting, it is bad whitey who is selfish and doesn't want to share.

How much more can the minority white population of South Africa handle, already the most heavily taxed people on earth who receive the least from a government? Do they expect whitey to simply hand over his job, his house, his money, will that make it end? These statements may score points for the ANC with their nescient electorate but it also does tremendous damage to South Africa as an attractive investment destination. I read not so long ago that South Africa receives less than 1% of the world's foreign investment capital. No wonder. No businessman likes to be told what to do with his money so he goes elsewhere. At this rate, even Zimbabwe looks like a better investment destination.


Cape Town -
Tougher fines should be considered for failure to meet employment equity targets, Minister for Women, Children and the Disabled, Noluthando Mayende-Sibiya, said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a University of the Western Cape graduation ceremony, she said it was unacceptable that, 15 years into democracy, the economy was still dominated by white men.
[listen up retard, that's because white men continue to be the innovators and entrepreneurs. They have to be, your AA/BEE policies force white males to employ themselves, DUH]

There was no indication that companies' spending on skills development was being targeted at training women and blacks into senior echelons.
[find the people with the aptitude first. You can't turn a monkey into a surgeon. How about teaching them to read and write at school first?]

"It is within this context that I firmly believe that much tighter legislative framework with stiff fines is required to drive both gender and racial transformation," she said.
[penalties solve everything...]

"Increasing the fine for failure to meet employment equity targets to 10 percent of companies' turnover as recommended by the Employment Equity Commission should be seriously considered if we are to accelerate the pace of both gender and racial transformation."
[shut the doors folks, take your money elsewhere. I did.]

The fine is currently capped at R900 000.

Among the graduates at Wednesday's ceremony were 207 women members of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union, whom the union supported in studying for a Higher Certificate in Economic Development.

Mayende-Sibiya said this showed it was possible to take practical steps to meet gender equity targets.

Public and private institutions should stop making excuses that there were not enough women with capacity and skills to occupy leadership positions.
[not 'excuses' - it's fact. Why do ANC hierarchy employ white lawyers, white engineers, white accountants?]

"If you cannot find them, train and groom them into those senior positions," she said.
[that's NOT the purpose of businesses. That's YOUR job]

She also said her ministry was developing a legislative framework to drive South Africa's process towards achieving the 50/50 gender equality target set by the African National Congress. -Sapa

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3 Opinion(s):

Loggi said...

Minister for Women, Children and the Disabled???????

What possible portfolios can they still create to accommodate all the buddies.

Anonymous said...

How about Minister for "talking crap and making it up as you go along"

Should be easy for the ANC to fill this one.

Anonymous said...

@ Loggi - new ministerial post to be announced soon: Minister for Black Intersex People...

Also, I think the R900 000 penalty is paid with a smile by some of the bigger corporations. It's cheaper than having a boon in charge and f*cking the company up (ala EKSDOM; HELKOM; SAncBC; Landbank; SAAnc etc etc etc)