Monday, September 07, 2009

Misplaced outrage

By Ian Robinson (Calgary Sun)

Well, thank God it's politically correct to beat up on white guys.

A refugee board in Ottawa last week granted asylum to a white South African male because he said black folks kept kicking the crap out him, taking his money and calling him racist names, and that black-first affirmative action policies hampered his chances for employment.

The roar of outrage across the nation and from South Africa has been deafening -- particularly given the earlier silence from Canadian pundits on refugees and immigration.

While it's interesting to hear the Canadian perspective on this debate, the South African government and its representatives to Canada should shut their traps.

When South Africa can offer safety and security to its own people, then they can have opinions worthy of attention.

Canada, a nation of 34 million, records fewer than 600 murders a year.

South Africa, a nation of 44 million, records around 19,000 per year.

It has a murder rate second only to that of Colombia, and Colombia's murder rate at least makes sense, because they're killing each other over huge dope profits and have a dandy little insurgency going in the bush.

In South Africa, they apparently do it for fun.

How bad is the overall crime rate in South Africa?

Well, at one point, an entrepreneur was legally marketing a flamethrower for your car at a price of under $1,000 that put out a fireball designed to engulf carjackers.

All without harming the paint of the vehicle. He sold about 1,000 of them.

Imagine living in a place where it's considered socially acceptable to have a freaking flamethrower on your car because the crime rate's so bad. (Note to every red-blooded, car-owning male reading this: Yeah. I know. I want one, too.)

Add to that surveys that indicate 28% of South African men -- when asked by a pollster! -- admit to raping a woman or girl, and an additional 3% admit to raping a man or boy, and a picture emerges of a nation teetering on the edge of being a failed state on the order of Zimbabwe or Somalia.

No wonder Brandon Huntley wanted to escape to Canada. It sounds like living in a cesspool.

But his victory may be shortlived. Our immigration ministry, governed by the ultimate in white guys -- Calgary's own pigmentally challenged Jason Kenney -- announced it's going to ask that the case be reviewed.

Our refugee-granting system has long operated as a pork barrel reward for political hacks of various parties, governed by one essential philosophy: When the going gets tough, everybody comes to Canada.

In all of 2008, a mere 15 cases were reviewed by higher authority.

The system has long been broken but there has been little open outrage.

If you complain about any aspect of our immigration system, those on the political left, those guardians of political correctness devoted to virtually criminalizing debate, declare that the critic is a racist.

But when the broken system is manipulated for the benefit of one of those evil white guys -- from South Africa no less -- let the games begin.

So at least now we can talk about overhauling the refugee system so we're not being taken advantage of.

However, one suspects that in true, wimpy Canadian fashion, we won't perform an adequate overhaul.

We'll no doubt concentrate on this case as an aberration rather than a symbol of a generalized problem.

Given that Huntley says he never reported the attacks to police and there's no record of him being stabbed as he says he was, it's entirely possible we'll simply ship him back. We could use his case as an excuse to tear down the entire idiotic creaking edifice of our immigration and refugee system and replace it with something efficient and nimble.

But that would actually meet the needs of this nation.


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Viking said...

Good to hear some sense coming out of Canada. When I was there earlier in the year, the minister of Home Affairs (or whatever it's called) was talking a lot of sense on immigration. Canadians must wake up.