Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Melissa Steyn: The Architect of The Vitriolic Attack By Academics

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If any of you are wondering what all the academic fuss is about, read the "Open Letter to The Canadians", which was originally published by the MSM. It will anger you to the extreme.

Also, if you follow the link, you will see a response from an Anonymous South African. I feel it is an excellent response, and worthy of being distributed. Please do your bit, by circulating both to all and sundry.

The chief architect and rabble rouser, is a Prof. Melissa Steyn, from UCT. Take a good, hard look at the picture. Seem familiar? She has that same familiar "I hate white men" appearance. Do you think I have a persecution complex? You betcha.

She is probably hellbent on eradicating "sexism" and "racism" from the world, even if she has to continually redefine the terms. She should apply for a job with the Canadian Human Rights council. They could use her talents at "sniffing out" evil white men.

She clearly is addicted to her magic mushrooms if she openly espouses the views that she does, without even the slightest bit of evidence. Moreover, she has so convinced herself that her truth is THE truth, that her bias will not even allow her to test the hypotheses that blacks have a propensity to commit violence, or that whites may be persecuted, or that we are not all equal, or that black racism is broadly prevalent, or that IQ matters. The list is endless.

As macabre as it sounds, here is a list of academics that we know have been affected by black-on-white hate crime:

1. Prof. Willem Botha, University of Pretoria, shot (survived). Daughter Razelle, shot repeatedly (survived).
2. Prof. Alan Paterson, University of Witwatersrand. Wife Bronwyn, stabbed (survived), ribs and nose broken, part of her ear torn off. Daughter Jamie (raped).
3. Prof. Lisabe Smuts-Smith, University of Cape Town, stabbed to death with a screwdriver.
4. Prof. Brian Hahn, University of Cape Town, beaten to death with an umbrella.
5. Mr. Louw Rabie, brilliant and reclusive geologist, beaten to death with a pole.
6. Prof. Mike Larkin, University of Cape Town, stabbed to death whilst walking home. UPDATE
7. Prof William Papo, Tshwane University of Technology. Strangled to death. UPDATE
8. Prof Margaret Slabbert, University of Pretoria. Husband Gerhard, shot to death in her presence. UPDATE
9. Prof Kevin Rochford, University of Cape Town, shot to death during a hijacking in Mowbray. UPDATE
10. Prof Anna van der Hoven, UNISA, attacked with a garden fork (survived). UPDATE
11. Miss Bianca Warburton, University of Witwatersrand, shot to death during a botched hijacking in Alexandra. UPDATE
12. Rev. Clive Newman, The College of the Transfiguration, bludgeoned to death in his room. UPDATE
13. Ms. Michelle Cocks, The Institure for Social and Economic Research at Rhodes University, brutally assaulted around the head and face, and left for dead. UPDATE
14. Dr. Isla Grundy, Department of Community Forestry at Stellenbosch University, brutally assaulted around the head and face (including a broken jaw), and left for dead. UPDATE

Have they been forsaken by their peers?

Please provide me with the names of any more academics that have been seriously affected by crime. I would like to compile a list, and forward it to the Canadian Authorities, to place things in perspective.

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FishEagle said...

If ANY of these academics become victims of crime they deserve NO SYMPATHY or HELP whatsoever. That's how I feel after reading their letter.

FishEagle said...

P.S. LOVED the rebuttal. Well done White SA Refugee!

Islandshark said...

Like I said to a liberal white bitch ages ago: "May you experience EVERYTHING this wonderful South Africa has to offer".

Anonymous said...

They deserve the new South Africa.

Anonymous said...

These so called academics live in a fantasy world of their own. They are barely even in touch with the reality.

Anonymous said...

Ms steyn...vision of ugliness personified..

This so called academic probably fornicates with the black scum too..

Anonymous said...

They Steyn families should sue her for dragging their good whitey surname though the mud.

What a waste of a white skin this K4 bitch is...

Grumbleguts said...

For what it's worth, I don't agree with the statement ' she has so convinced herself that her truth is THE truth,'...

I cannot see that someone as educated as this woman is, cannot see what is happening in the country. It is quite beyond me that liberals in general have a proven track record of not telling the truth. It has to be that they have a deliberate agenda of distorting the facts, and wanting the public to believe a lie. No doubt she wants the public to believe that what she has written is true, but any reasonably minded person in SA cannot possibly go along with her sagas of fantasy. Notice how many people walk around in the surburbs, or the amount of children riding their bicycles in the streets. It is a sure sign that things are not safe, yet this woman and the rest of her herd insist that the country is on the road to recovery.

Anonymous said...

Great rebuttal letter. Wish all in SA could read it.

Grumbleguts said...

email: Melissa.Steyn[at]uct.ac.za

Anonymous said...

@Grumbleguts. True. You will see in my earlier posting, that I claim there are only two reasons why an academic would endorse such a letter.

1. They are hopelessly out of touch with reality; or
2. They are a fraud.

So I agree, you cannot be that hopelessly out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Professor Mike Larken comes to mind. He was a commercial law lecturer at UCT that was stabbed to death in the road not too long ago.

Strange when I hear this from UCT because at that time crime was so bad at UCT that staff had to leave their staff rooms in groups when they went home. Campus security then provided a guard to walk each group to the parking lot.

Really odd world when you consider that Larkin was originally from Wits University.

Anonymous said...

@Anon. Thank you for that. I will update the list.

Anonymous said...

The largest grouping of victims comes from UCT. Is it possible Prof. Steyn is in denial?

Please people, if you have any additional names, where an academic has been affected by crime, please forward it to me.

Aratus said...

Fellow Citizens
It is a simple fact that some white people in South Africa are trying their utmost best to have the Republic succeed in its attempts to have the first African success story. This is however far from attainable. I am a racists, but according to my own definition.

Firstly Prof Steyn has no facts to back up her statement and this whole debate is pointing at her lack of intellect. What is her agenda and what is she aiming to achieve?

The outcry from individuals against her statement should be evidence enough that all is not well at home. What about the 450+ whites that have already attained refugee status and that this English South African is the only poor sod to whom the refugee debate was made public?

Im a Boer and proud of our heritage and our achievements and cant wait to see the "Vierkleur' waving again. I just want to invite all other whites in the world that share our believes as well as the drive to "just be left alone' to feel welcome to apply for citizenship. People like Prof Steyn just reminds me again why I am who I am.

"For Liberals are tolerant as long as you agree with them!"

FishEagle said...

And so the truth is being exposed. Just look how many updates there have been since the publishing of this post. To think these are just the academics that have experienced violent crime. It's unreal. Could it be that the worse the situation gets, the more the people go in denial?? I just don't understand it.

Greer said...

Dr Melissa Steyn is well qualified to offer her informed opinion on the issue of race and whiteness in South Africa.

She has won the 2002 Outstanding Scholarship award from the National Communication Association (USA) in International and Intercultural Communication. So gentlemen, it would appear that you do not know what you are talking about!

Aside from the hate speech and "100 reasons why SA sucks" rhetoric no one has actually made a good point outside of lecturers being killed too.

The motivation for crime has nothing to do with which racial category you may fall into. It is dependent on your flashy items, and more often than not- when the perpetrator has had his last hit.

We are all victims of contact crime in South Africa, and I seriously resent the absolute self pity in which "white" South Africans bathe themselves in.

And to the moron who spoke about "Black people being more violent" - please look into the Human Genome Project in South Africa - you will find we all have a bit of Black in us somewhere. Even Pieter Dirk Uys has found that he has Khoi ancestory hiding behind that "white" identity.

It is sad that we are still stuck in the confines of Black/White/Coloured Apartheid colonialist terminology.

Prof Larkin was not attacked at UCT he was walking home and fought over his bag at which point he was murdered. It was a horrible thing, but it could have happened to me just the same if I were off guard.

To the blog author who probably will not allow this post and does not have the guts or intelligence to respond to a liberal critic: Your kind of writing is what keeps us chained. If we are all so busy screaming at one another we fail to unite and address the true problem which is poverty not a hate for White South Africans.

It is in poor form to attack one person for stating their opinion, it is frightening when our educated well to do "white" South Africans dare critique someone who knows exactly what she is talking about and would be happy to show you the evidence - if your little brains could handle the load...