Saturday, September 19, 2009

McCain calls Carter "worst president in 20th century"

Well, it’s not as if this is a particularly controversial point. What other President in American history allowed dozens of embassy staff to be held hostage for over a year? What other President kissed a totalitarian on the cheek and pronounced American fears of Soviet Communism overblown? What other President addressed the nation during an economic crisis and told us that we more or less had to get used to it? Oh, wait, there has been a new entry in that last category …

I don’t think Michael Medved expected that response from Senator John McCain (R-AZ), but McCain can be unpredictably blunt in interviews. There may be competition for worst in American history from the 19th century — Franklin Pierce comes to mind — and perhaps from the 21st century, if the rest of the Obama term goes like the first eight months. But I’d agree with McCain that Carter has the 20th century title locked up.

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Viking said...

I'd never heard of Franklin Pierce til just now! had to Google him...
I can't think of a worse prez than Carter right now, although I reckon JFK might've been worse had he lived. LBJ also sucked.
As for the best president of the 20th Century?
My vote goes to Eisenhower..