Monday, September 28, 2009

Malema goes on another racist rant

Apparently paying fines incurred by having a fat grubby lead foot is the same thing as fighting apartheid. Um yes, dunno why I didn't connect the two myself. Wtf?

On the serious side, this speaks to the mind of a very disturbed, very racist individual who gets upset at being questioned by white reporters and follows the recent unsettling pattern of blaming whitey and pulling the race card at every opportunity because blacks are finally being held to the same standards as whites. And they don't like it, not one bit. South Africa is their playground, how dare we tell them to stop. Too bad. The pic alongside is the official reply from one such, er, child of an 'oppressor'. I guess the ANC will ignore this as they have all his recent tirades against whites which denotes their tacit approval. You should know by now where you stand then, whites of South Africa, don't be surprised when shit meets fan.


ANCYL President Julius Malema reportedly has over R5000 in outstanding traffic fines to his name in Johannesburg.

The controversial leader has yet to cough up for at least 14 traffic offences.

Malema was slapped with a R1100 fine after hitting a lofty 169km/h in a 120km/h zone back in September 2008 near Midrand. The day before, the ANCYL leader was caught slamming on the brakes of his Mercedes Benz C350, slowing to a 146km/h as the camera flashed.

Rapport contacted Malema to ask him about the fines.

"Let me tell you my friend, I have defeated you and your apartheid regime and I'm going to defeat you again, once and for all!"

"I am a child of heroes and heroines of the struggle. I am not a child of cowards and oppressors. I am not a child of an imperialist. I have defeated colonisers. I am going to defeat the children of colonisers," Malema said.

ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu, who himself has unpaid fines in Johannesburg reportedly amounting to R2625, also declined to answer any questions.

"I think you are very bored, honestly. I don't know what you are talking about... We can't comment on useless things because we must first verify where you got the information from because you might have made it up in your own mind."

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Treacle Bender said...

.."Let me tell you my friend, I have defeated you and your apartheid regime and I'm going to defeat you again, once and for all!"....

...where does this useless retard get this stuff from? He thinks of himself as a super hero, one who saved the boons from the evil whites.

What does he mean “I'm going to defeat you again, once and for all?” …is this supposed to scare us? Bring it on fucktard, bring it on…this time we won’t take prisoners.

Man, he's obsession and obvious hatred for whitey is frightening….to think that this piece of boon-shit is being groomed to become sa’s next president.


Everybody knows that the offspring of heroes can play to different rules. He needs this little headstart in life looking at his
school exame papers. While everybody is concentrating on this moron the ANC is quietly preparing the next shaft...

Anonymous said...

@ TB... I concur.

I think, as they never defeated anything except the hymen of the latest victim of their rapine, that Messrs Julie-Arse et al will have a rather torrid time of "defeat you again, once and for all!"

Good luck to him and the rest of his useless compatriots as they embark on their erstwhile endeavor.

I simply hope I am close enough to him when it does happen to show him exactly what the interior of his skull looks like after being impacted at 2950 fps with 165gr of lead bonded to a copper jacket from extremely close range.

I don't think that this ignorant baboon realizes yet that "Mr. Nice Guy" has/have all immigrated and the only whites left are the poor misguided unreconstructed racist "bitter-einders" who are going to bend him and his buddies over and bugger them hard, hard, hard.

The more I look at the state of play the more I realize that the time to fight (with violent force) for our survival is almost at hand. Be prepared to rape the chickens, kill the goats and burn the villages to the ground. No quarter is to be asked and certainly none will be given.

Loggi said...

He is just saying what his compatriots don`t mention publicly. He does have very strong support in all age groups,and these threats must not be taken lightly.It is this same rhetoric that led to slaughter the whites in many African Countries

Anonymous said...

He still has to pay the fines plus penalties and interest for late payment.

Exzanian said...

This brandy and coke, pot bellied black cracker must stop with his hate speech. Sooner or later some boere seun is going to lose patience with him.

Mad Kiwi said...

And he probably believe he is bulletproof too. Why, because some sangoma told him so...

Typical one brain cell organism!

Doberman said...

Loggi is right. Don't ignore this fool. This is the same type of rhetoric that precedes attacks on minorities in Africa. Just be alert, that's all I'm saying.

Viking said...


You're right - much as we'd all love to have a good laugh at Malema (see the review of the new book here: ), in reality he is a dangerous brute who could well become responsible for a lot of death.

Anonymous said...

@ Thread...

Julie-Arse is a VERY dangerous little simian. He articulates (if one could call it that...) the feelings of the masses very well. Every monosyllable and grunt from the starry heights of his sparkling intellect is received as Holy Writ as if from the hand of God. Unfortunately the blame for all the darkies problems are being laid at the feet of the only race to ever have uplifted them and not with their "bruddahs" in government where it belongs.

The gap between resources and aspirations is getting wider. The anti-white rhetoric that has always emanated from the ANC and it's so called liberation movement allies is getting more vitriolic, and it is coming from lower and lower down the food chain. That is a frightening development.

Widespread vitriol against a nation is a very informative and strong precursor to the physical act of genocide (the actual killing of a people - this may have already begun - whites are murdered at twice the rate of blacks per capita) and forms part of the genocide. It is also probably the part of a genocidal campaign that is the point of no return. Once it starts, you can be sure that violence is going to follow.

Be stocked and prepared. We need to survive the initial onslaught and then "get busy".

Doberman said...

@ anon 5:03, indeed, once you have 'established' the root of all your problems and in this case, all whites in South Africa, it becomes easy to demonise them and they then become an inanimate thing that must be expunged. Remove the 'problem' and all will be right. The Rwandan genocide was one such example. The hateful vitriol was spewed for months and weeks prior and eventually the call went out. The same rhetoric has been heard throughout Africa in the last 50 years. Be prepared. Uhuru may not be as far fetched as you think.