Sunday, September 06, 2009

Malema asked a question, a white South African responds


Neanderthal Malema attacks whites - Malema asked where were the white South Africans to welcome runner Semenya at the airport.

Julius Malema, please accept my apologies for not attending the welcoming event of our athletes returning from Berlin held at OR Tambo Airport.

As a white Afrikaans-speaking African, I work for myself and forget about the real important issues in life. You see, Mr Malema, I had several meetings to attend that day and I really need to work long hours to make ends meet in these recessionary times. One of the reasons why I have to work hard is that not only do I support my own family, I also support three other families. I have a part-time gardener and two domestic workers that share my household duties.

Your comments and displeasure at whites not attending these events (at OR Tambo) really struck the right chord. I called my family and held a long discussion with them. I also decided to reduce my workload and will in future be earning less, but will have more free time to attend welcoming events at our airports and also perhaps participate in some marches.

Due to my new outlook on life, I have had to scale down my expenses. Regretfully, I had to reduce my commitments to my staff and decided to let Elsie go, one of my domestic workers, aged 54. I also decided to reduce the working time of my other domestic staff and cut their salaries by more than half.

In the past, my total salary bill to support the three families came to about R3 500 a month, about 15 percent of my monthly income. Now my outlay is down to R1 500 a month for these families and not only do I save money but I have free time to attend these events you mentioned.

I tried to explain to Elsie why she is no longer employed and why her three children will suffer. She is obviously upset as she has no other means to buy food or clothes for her family.

She also wanted to know if I will still provide her with free medicine, food and clothes from time to time. Obviously all this falls away as I have to be at OR Tambo when the Boks return from Australia, the cricketers return from their summer tour, Mr Zuma returns from Angola, etc.

I am also not sure why Elsie wanted to know where you stay. Perhaps you can publish your home address in the media as Elsie and her three children want to meet you. See you at the Airport.

Gawie Nothnagel
Brackendowns, Alberton

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Absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

More like this please, from all white Africans!

Only bit I could add is that, aside from supporting the 3 families of those who he employed, Gawie also supports three black African families merely by paying taxes, which allows the Government to give them 4 Hectares free land, or a RDP House should they prefer an urban environment!