Friday, September 04, 2009

London Mayor calls for a day of fasting 'to understand Muslims'

This has to be the doos-est suggestion by a British politician in a while and there's a whole gamut of dumb shite sprouted daily to choose from. Appeasement does not work, Boris! I suppose we can expect Muslims to reciprocate the gesture by feasting on a nice pork chop and washing it down with a glass of chianti? Don't think so but indigenous Brits are expected to bend over backwards to please petulant immigrants who refuse to assimilate British culture. What a dumb idea worthy of the highly prestigious ILSA Doos of the Week award.

From the Daily Mail (UK)

London Mayor Boris Johnson today encouraged people to undergo a day of fasting to help them gain a better understanding of their 'Muslim neighbour'.

Speaking during a visit to the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre he said Muslims in the capital were 'challenging traditional stereotypes' to show they wanted to be part of the mainstream.

Mr Johnson's visit coincided with the holy period of Ramadan in which participating Muslims fast from dawn until sunset.

He said: 'Whether it's in theatre, comedy, sports, music or politics, Muslims are challenging the traditional stereotypes and showing that they are, and want to be, a part of the mainstream community.

'That's why I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbour and break your fast at the local mosque.

'I would be very surprised if you didn't find that you share more in common than you thought.'

He added: 'Muslims are at the heart of every aspect of society. Their contribution is something that all Londoners benefit from.

'Muslim police officers, doctors, scientists and teachers are an essential part of the fabric of London.

'Islamic finance is contributing to the economy by changing the way Londoners invest, save, borrow and spend.

'There are valuable lessons that people of all backgrounds can learn from Islam such as the importance of community spirit, family ties, compassion and helping those less fortunate, all of which lie at the heart of the teachings of Ramadan.

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Viking said...

Doos indeed. And I used to like Boris. Until this morning...

Anonymous said...


Dachshund said...

It's not even all that bad fasting during the day like Muslims and eating only at night. It's called the Warrior Diet. You lose weight like crazy. Ideal for getting rid of winter flab. I do draw the line at not being able to drink calorie free liquids during the day though.

Viking said...

I think a real effort should be made to understand Muslims. And their anger. A trip to the local beach should provide enough sand to completely cover the floor of your house, so you can understand what it's like to live in the desert. Cover your wife in a sheet.
Cement over every square inch of lawn you have so you can build flats for your clingy relatives, and try to ignore every planning regulation you can think of in the process. After all, those rules, like most others, are just for the infidel.
Sitting in your sandpit, where the sand makes its way into every orifice, surrounded by relatives you don't like and a wife you can't see, you can come to an understanding of why Saudi Arabia is such a kak place and why Muslims want to move to England in the first place.
....And then just carry on doing the exact same things.
Without the sand.

Pensioner said...

Doos of the week is not enough, he should be made poephol of month.
Does this doos not realise that it is the policy of muslim to take over the whole of Europe, for starters, and that he will be without a job as some sand kaffir will become mayor of London. Boris is a DOOS and a POEPHOL