Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lies, Lies, Lies

"There's nothing so absurd that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it." - William James, father of modern psychology.

The above quote has been used often, by many different people, and yet it is a widely held liberal practice. It is seldom that you read anything that isn't tainted with lies. What liberals do is simply unabashedly lie. The bulk of the sheeple don't care or bother to find out the truth; and the burden of uncovering truth becomes somebody else's responsibilty. By that time, the bullshit has become mainstream dogma.

In this context, and with the emphasis on the Huntley saga, I tend to agree with Viking. Viking articulates the issue very well when he suggests that Huntley may be a fraud, but that doesn't mean that his arguments are.

What I would like to emphasise, however, is how the MSM engages in blatant lies, to social engineer a pseudo-status quo. This falsity is then reinforced by their peers, through cross-referencing and the quoting of fabrications. This isn't lazy journalism; this is a deliberate attempt to shape the world according to their beliefs. Their desire is to influence the outcome. They don't care whether what they quote is the truth or not, which is what Prof. Harry Frankfurt described as being the "bullsh artist's" objective.

If you read the related article, quoted above, or Viking's posting you would have noticed the following extract:

"Whites are too quick to forget that the crime wave is a long, slow reverberation of apartheid’s violence. The figures show this clearly: violent crime is slowly but surely abating, despite the chronic incompetence of our criminal justice system. In 1994-1995, 67 of every 100 000 South Africans were murdered; by 2007-2008, that toll had fallen to 38 of every 100000."

The above author, from the Sunday Times, seems adamant that the statistics reflect the true state of affairs. He seems to suggest that the government is succeeding, albeit slowly; that we seem to have forgotten how bad it was under Apartheid and that white South Africans exaggerate the crime situation. These are blatant distortions.

Suprisingly, in the same publication, there was an article entitled Police Did Fiddle Crime Stats. I provide an extract.

A cabinet minister has accused some sections of the police of “malicious compliance” with the government’s efforts to cut crime.

Collins Chabane, the minister of performance monitoring and evaluation, said police were manipulating crime statistics so as to pretend they’d met crime-reduction targets.

It was the first time a senior cabinet minister had conceded the existence of the practice, following a Sunday Times exposé in July that at least five stations in the Western Cape and four in KwaZulu-Natal had falsified crime statistics.

Tactics used by the police included ditching dockets and refusing to register crimes.

These types of newsworthy items seem to get ignored. The real state of crime is probably more in line with a study done on Murders in South Africa, in 2003. It is clearly demonstrated that murders are grossly under-reported. Or how about an analysis I did on fudging statistics, which essentially arrives at the same conclusion.

But the truth is merely an inconvenience.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely said VI. Facts are a liberal's worst nightmare.