Friday, September 18, 2009

The Liberal Maginot Line

When Obama ran for office, it was touted as America’s best chance for an “open and honest conversation about race.” I’m ready.

The race card has been played so many times since last November that it has become nothing but background noise – like a dirty needle clicking its way through a scratched album. And its just as annoying.

The left – bereft of any political defense of the democratic agenda and more so Obama’s policies—has tried time and again to paint any opposition as racially motivated. Unable to respond directly to conservatives with a compelling argument, the liberal left has always retreated to race baiting as a last line of defense; the Liberal Maginot Line if you will. Now it appears that last line of defense has become front line of the political landscape.

I’m uncertain if it is liberal arrogance [“The President’s policies are so sound that no reasonable person would disagree, thus they must be racist.”] or sheer ineptitude [“There’s no way we can sell this agenda on its merits, so let’s shield it under racially motivated opposition.] or a combination of both. Political opposition becomes racial opposition. Disagreement becomes hate speech. Conservative organizations are “radicals”.

It’s a tactic of desperation, spun out to a liberal media all too willing to stoke the fires of manufactured racism in the defense of a Celebrity President. And all too often, white America reels from the atiquated historical hangover called ‘white guilt’.

But the hypocrisy and transparency of race baiting has simply become more than many can handle, which only results in the aggravating clicking noise getting louder and louder. The left, becoming fearful that their most powerful defense argument – racism—is losing its punch, simply turns up the volume. And in doing so, runs the risk of having more and more Americans tune it out.

There is also an interesting new dynamic emerging; a growing intolerance by white Americans to be perpetually and falsely labeled as racists at whim. All too often, the only defense to being called a racist was to respond, “No I’m not.” More and more, white Americans are responding with anger –the same kind of anger shown by black Americans when confronted with racial slurs.

The Left is getting a dose of its own medicine as mainstream Americans are increasingly “outraged” at being called de facto racists. Afterall, the label “racist” is in itself a racially motivated term; it is most commonly used to describe white Americans in relation to their views about black Americans. Calling a white person “racist” is becoming as insulting as calling a black person a “n*****”, and rightfully so.

I, for one, am tired of being called a racist only due to the color of my skin. The long standing belief that “all whites are racist at some level” is inaccurate, intolerable and insulting. The argument that opposition to a man’s ideas must be, at their core, racially motivated is shallow, lazy and ignorant.

Woe to the next person that calls me a racist based solely their misguided personal perceptions or on some antiquated code of social justice.

Go ahead –call me a racist because I disagree with you — I’m ready for that conversation.

2 Opinion(s):

Viking said...

Next time someone calls you a racist, get them charged with crimen injuria. Why not? That law is designed to punish whites.

Quark said...

I can't wait for the day we begin hearing white Americans say "I'm a racist. So wachagonnadoaboudit?"