Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lesbians: Fantasy and Reality

Women used to be scarce in my line of work, in the environmental sciences, although more recently females certainly benefited from affirmative action. The majority of the positions in government that are not black appointees are white women. My awkward discovery over these past few years was that many of these white women were lesbian; and the type that were mad that they didn't have any chest hair. Their behaviour confuses men, but it seems that Guy White has a simple perspective on the issue.

Mike wrote: “Those lesbians are mad that they have breasts instead of chest hair. They want to be men, and they’re mad that they get “stereotyped” in with the other 99% of women who actually want to be women.”

I agree that some lesbians want to be men, but some are just lesbian because they can’t get a man due to being so unattractive.

Men claim they like lesbians, but they don’t. They just like polygamy. You want multiple straight girls.

As a result, there’s confusion in what one may expect in a lesbian bar.

This is a lesbian fantasy:

And this is a lesbian reality, the kind of women you get to see at the National Organization for Women.


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Viking said...

can we have a new lesbian picture please FishEagle??


Looks as if Melissa Steyn would fit this spectrum very well.

Treacle Bender said...


Anonymous said...

Question: If lesbians hate men and like woman, why then do they always try to look like men?