Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leonard Chuene you owe the country and Caster a huge apology, You Chump

After Chuene admitted having known about the existence of the tests and still having lied about it, he asked journalists: “How many of you have never told a lie to protect a child? I will not apologise for allowing Caster Semenya to run or for protecting her privacy and for trying to keep this matter confidential. I cannot be hypocritical about this,” said Chuene.

Today is another day in a long list of them recently where I find myself disgraced to be a South African Citizen. The political leadership of this country has become an incestuous pit of breeding an inherent culture of corruption, intimidation and general refusal to take responsibility for any issue on any level. Subordinates in all of these departments only have to look to their leaders to get the impression that it’s okay to lie, cheat and steal, and when or if you get caught, pass the buck, or even better, just shout racism.

Opposing political parties in South Africa have had allot to say about this issue, but the one that caught my eye was the statement by DA sport spokesman Donald Lee who had this to say. “Chuene has publicly admitted that he deceived the South African public – a callous and selfish act that had terrible ramifications for one of the country’s most promising young athletes and for South Africa’s international reputation. In these circumstances, Mr Chuene’s immediate dismissal is the very least that needs to happen,” He went on to say that the DA wanted an independent inquiry and that the party would demand answers about the saga when the ASA appeared before parliament.

ASA Appear in front of parliament? What the hell! Leonard Chuene and his comrades now need 2 things to happen for the sake of Caster Semenya and her future.

  1. They need to be fired today. An admission of guilt like that does not deserve my Tax money on another fucking independent enquiry. He needs to go.
  2. They have no business appearing in front of Parliament, They now need to appear in front of an International Human Rights Tribunal.
And as for Julius Malema, You owe the white people of this “Rainbow Nation” an apology you cock, before you crawl back into your hole again. Racism my arse, educated people have a tendency of smelling a rat even through the bullshit haze you and your fellow comrades create under the guise of Support for your Own.

Whilst I love South Africa as a country, I am ashamed to be a South African under this spineless troop of hypocritical freedom fighters. Freedom comes with responsibility, responsibility has its own set of ethics, learn them you cowardly bunch of no good thieves.
[My emphasis - Ed.]

Source: Eish! It's Because I'm South African

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Anonymous said...

It's okay. If he's black then he gets a bye. Why can't you folks in South Africa be as enlightened as we are in the U.S., who indulge criminality, corruption, and incompetence in our black officials that would be denounced and a basis for removal from office for others? It is another facet of our vaunted "aaffirmative action" program," which indulges these anticipated weaknesses.

We should act consonant with the humane, recognizing that there are varying levels of competency based on genetic components and apply an excerpt Marx's dictum, "From each according to his abilities." This is the best these folks can do. Don't criticize them. What are required are apologetics and acceptance.

FishEagle said...

Anon. Lol!!!!