Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leftwing indoctrination of American kids

The ultimate creepy classroom video. To show you how insidious socialist/ leftwing communist propaganda is infiltrating mainstream life in the West, an anti-capitalist propaganda video called the Story of Stuff (the link is for Part 1 - I'm not that cruel to foist the rest on yers - and I caution you to have your barf bucket ready) is being shown in 7,000 US schools and churches. This is truly leftwing loony la la stuff, talking about "bad corporations", "government being represented by a tank" *barf*, everything you hate about these people and their beliefs is contained in this video. The video was produced by the Tide Foundation which surprise, surprise, is backed by leftwing financier George Soros.

Much better is the following 4-part video with the built-in bullshit detector which uses the Left's most reviled word: FACTS (ok, it's a tie with "racist").
It's fine and well to produce the debunk video but it will never be shown to the kids. This is how the liberals roll. Their views trump all, no place for opposing viewpoints. My best part is at the 7:12 minute mark in Part 4 of the Critique. To this communist bitch, I say "Nyet!".

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Ranger Tom said...

This is so damn slanted and filled with lies it infuriates me...

Oh no, they're not indoctrinating anyone though!

WTF, over?