Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West Apologises for Outburst But Not For Beyonce

What a twat. Kanye interrupts country singer Taylor Swift on probably the most important night of her young life, to inform everyone that talentless bint Beyonce should've won just because he liked her video more.

Teenager Swift won the best female video award at the MTV Video Music Awards for You Belong With Me but had her acceptance speech interrupted by notorious racist Kanye West.

"I'm sorry, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time," he proclaimed as Beyonce looked on from the crowd, stunned.

Beyonce's tuneless racket Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) has been improved recently by being made into a South African TV ad, but mostly because screeching wench Beyonce doesn't appear in it.

Kanye appeared with Jay Leno apologising for being "rude" to Swift.

But Kanye has still not apologised for Beyonce to all the rest of us who continually have to suffer her awkward tunes, pointless lyrics and high pitched whines.

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Stateside Expat said...

I thought it was Jamie Foxx that said that about Michael Jackson?

Viking said...

apologies! have emended the article.

Funny, I wonder how I got them mixed up??
any ideas?

Islandshark said...

Viking, you racist bastard!! Hehe

Viking said...


Anonymous said...

This is TKB, pure and simple.

All it takes is for white men to grow a pair again. Anyone disses my woman like that will get FUCKED-UP right sharp. I don't care if you're Mike Tyson or Chuck Norris. I will kick your arse!!!

I recently gave a shitskin a clap for dissing the good wife. Fuck him, and his little gang of five chommies he was with. When they started to get a bit aggro, I just pulled out the "brass knuckles" and told them to Fuck Off!!! Which they did. The security gaurd who tried to arrest me also got told to F.O. So did the his chommies. Who the fuck are these dooses to run around thinking that whatever they do is fine, but as soon as you step in you're a racist, facist bastard who needs the full weight of the law thrown at you.

I have had enough. My patience with pinkfoot and his chinas has ended. I now moer them first and ask questions later. Fuck them. They can keep a civil tongue in their monkey skulls and behave like humans... Otherwise Persuasion and Reason will be called into play. If they are not enough I have Mr. Brass, and should he fail in his endeavors their is always the ever faithful Herr. Glock.

I have found that with the simian a good hard donnering is very effective at getting them calm again... especially if you don't look like the typical AWB dutchman.

FUCKEMALL!!! Arseholes.