Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jon Stewart to media on ACORN: “Where the hell were you?”

Kudos to Jon Stewart, who doesn’t sugar-coat the embarrassment at all — to the apparent delight of his audience, who get kudos of their own. How can the national news media ignore the many allegations of corruption at ACORN, which gets millions of dollars in federal funding, and allow a couple of independents with $3,000 and a bad wardrobe scoop them on the undercover story of the year? It’s easy when newsrooms are more concerned with political direction than truth.

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Anonymous said...

I watch him every night on CNN and can' believe how he sometimes tells the truth when CNN is so obviously a mouthpiece of the Hollywood cartel... I mean I've never seen him "big up" Fox!

Great! Little wonder we ween't shown that particlar piece here in the UK, where Fox would never get a look-in!
Is the US waking up?