Monday, September 07, 2009

It is not 'potentially racist' to object to shootings and stabbings

By Ed West (Telegraph UK)

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The Guardian Allows Anti-White Racists To Post On Their Site

The goal posts move still further. First there was institutional racism, then we had unwitting racism – now police are being accused of “potential” racism.

The Guardian reports of a petition organised by journalist Sunny Hundal to stop the Met from asking music promoters what style of music is to be played at events because this is “potentially racist”, as police are more likely to discriminate against events that attract young black men.

“To me it is quite remarkable that anyone could have thought this level of intrusion was a good idea,” said
Feargal Sharkey, the former lead singer of the Undertones and now chief executive of UK Music, who is one of the signatories of a letter to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), asking it to intervene.

“The form is clearly targeting styles of music that are popular with people from ethnic minority communities and that seems extraordinary in today’s modern, diverse multicultural London.”

The Guardian argues it is racist because:

the form still asks promoters to say what style of music is to be played and gives “bashment, R&B, garage” as examples – all of which are styles of music popular with black and Asian fans.

No, they are all styles of music popular with uneducated, crotch-grabbing, women-hating violent morons, who often happen to be black and Asian, but often aren’t. Events playing garage music and certain types of reggae have a far higher rate of violence than those playing other genres of music, and the police have the right to know what crowd they’re dealing with, just as they have the right to know whether a sporting event is hosting a Village XI v Old Boys or West Ham United v Millwall.

It is not racist to not want the underclass in your back yard – and just because that underclass happens to contain a number of people of a different colour, or follows an urban sub-culture that originated in another country, that does not make you racist either. There are plenty of forms of music of black origin that do not attract violence, and to suggest that police and residents object to garage or hip-hop events because of skin colour, not behaviour, is the kind of weird conclusion that only an “anti-racist” could come to.

How does Mr Hundal feel when he sees a bunch of drunk football hooligans kicking lumps out of each other? Does he dislike them? Then either he must hate white people, or – a radical idea this – there are certain types of white people he does not approve of, who have a tendency to violence, and to congregate at certain events, and the police are right to provide extra manpower at such events to protect people from that violence. I know that sounds utterly crazy and everything.

On Sunday morning as Radio 4 interviewed Hundal, police were scraping another young man off the ground,the victim decapitated outside the Ministry of Sound after a night of music “
popular with people from ethnic minority communities”. But that, of course, was a coincidence.

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