Friday, September 25, 2009

Is this the dumbest suicide bomber ever?

Giving new meaning to the word 'backfired'...ha ha ha!

A suicide bomber tried to kill a Saudi prince by detonating TNT hidden up his BACKSIDE.

Fanatic Abdullah Hassan Tali al-Asiri, 23, blew himself up - but his intended victim escaped with minor injuries.

Last night astonished experts admitted: "We've never heard of anything quite like this before." The target was the head of the security service in Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef.

Extremist Al-Asiri, who was on a local "Most Wanted" list, tricked his way into a meeting with him by saying he was turning his back on terror.

But the hiding place of his explosive fooled security checks as he went inside the prince's office in Jeddah.

It is believed to have been detonated electronically. Weapons expert and former soldier Mike Yardley said: "Hiding it in a body cavity was obviously an attempt to defeat scanners and detectors. Thankfully on this occasion the victim escaped because the bomber's body appears to have suppressed the force of the blast."

Prince Nayef, who had led an anti-terror crackdown in Saudi Arabia, injured his hand. He admitted: "He surprised me by blowing himself up."

The location of the hidden bomb was reported by the well-informed Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV news network.

Terror-supporting fanatics confirmed the report during online discussions that followed the attack.

TNT was the explosive used, according to the fanatics.

Al-Qaeda then named the bomber and released his photograph together with a statement claiming responsibility for the attack.

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Anonymous said...

Must get the supreme Darwin Award of the decade.


Never kick a strangers butt...

Anonymous said...

Guess you can say it "rect 'im"!

Anonymous said...

Well he will not be constipated and he was clearly not a virgin in the rear when he walked in through the door.

When he bent over and they stuck a stick of dynamite up his rear was he really thinking about his 40 virgins in lala land? Me thinks he is gay!

Mad Kiwi said...

As the one arab mother said to the other: "Sigh, the kids blow up so quickly..."