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Hypocritical ANC Run Crying to Canadians

Oddly enough, there are millions of refugees in South Africa from neighbouring Zimbabwe, a country where there are no problems, according to the ANC. In fact, the ANC are good pals with Robert Mugabe, and don't consider South Africa's accepting floods of refugees from there as in any way insulting to Uncle Bob. Not so with the Canadian acceptance of ONE South African refugee. That's "disgusting" and "racist". Well, it would be wouldn't it.

A collection of news stories today reveal the true hypocrisy of the ANC and the government's blatant attempt to bully a sovereign nation will surely be laughed off by the Canadians. Unlike in South Africa, the Canadian government doesn't control or try to control its legal system. And the ANC just can't handle it.

What stands out in these articles is the detachment from reality suffered by the spokepersons involved, and their denial of the facts of crime in South Africa. The third article is significant because it highlights the crime faced by all South Africans, and it's included partly in the interest of balance, but also because it neglects the reason why most Western nations have Hate Crime laws: some crimes are not just about taking what you have. Thuli, a black South African woman interviewed for the piece, says

"They want what you have, whether you're what [sic] or black. It's about unemployment (of 27.9 percent)," she says with a resigned air."

The traditional but flawed blaming of crime on unemployment aside, the author ignores the brutality and hatred with which many black-on-white crimes in South Africa are accompanied. Nobody denies that black South Africans are the main victims of crime, but the reason we have legal terms like "aggravated" assault and "hate" crime it is acknowledged that there is another level of crime that goes beyond taking your possessions. And whites are the victims of those crimes. In a country where many blacks feel justified in stealing from whites, you can bet that whites stand out as targets.

The second issue that some commentators have pointed out regarding the asylum case is that many of the ANC elite were "refugees" for years, living it up in London or New York at the taxpayers' expense, lauded and fawned over by liberals and treated like heroes. They expected to be treated as victims, and now they deny that status to someone else.

They, like most "liberation" types, can't handle the fact that they might now be the oppressors. And now they expect the Canadians to help paper over the cracks in the New South Africa.

Refugee in South Africa

SA wants answers on white refugee
The South African government has ordered its ambassador to Canada to approach the Canadian government about its decision to grant a white South African "refugee" status, with the African National Congress saying it wants to "get to the bottom of this".

This comes after former Capetonian Brandon Huntley persuaded a Canadian immigration board that his future as a white male was unsafe and at risk in the land of his birth.

The Department of International Relations and Co-operation's spokeswoman, Nomfanelo Kota, described the decision as "disgusting".

On Wednesday, the ANC urged the government to speak to its counterparts in Canada to establish how the controversial decision came to be granted.

"This is the first test case and it is very important, not only for this, but for future instances where other South Africans follow the same route, for the SA government to engage with their counterparts.
[O, no, they're getting away!]

"We want to get to the bottom of this," said spokesman Brian Sokutu.

Sources within the Department of International Relations and Co-operation said South Africa's ambassador to Canada, Aubrey Nkomo, had already received instructions to approach the Canadian government.

The South African government did not necessarily want the decision over-turned, but wanted "an explanation". - The Argus

SA seeks review of refugee case

South Africa wants a judicial review of a decision by an independent Canadian board to grant a white South African refugee status because he suffered racist attacks at home, a government minister said on Wednesday.

The decision by the Canadian immigration board to grant Brandon Huntley residence on the grounds that he was persecuted for being white was widely condemned in South Africa, where race remains a sensitive issue 15 years after apartheid ended.
[when was race not an issue in South Africa?]

"We are of the view that the relevant minister in Canada has the ability to do a judicial review and that this should be undertaken and the South African government will be urging the Canadian government to do so," Sue van der Merwe, deputy foreign affairs minister, told parliament.

In London, a senior member of the African National Congress expressed doubt that a white South African could have suffered such racist attacks in his home country.

Thandi Modise, deputy secretary-general of the ANC, said it would have been better if the Canadian government had tried to find out whether it was true that Huntley had been attacked seven times as he said.

She said that while South Africa had a high crime rate, racial attacks were rare.

"I think it might have been a little better for the Canadian government to see whether or not it is true that any South African gets attacked seven times," she told Reuters in an interview during a visit to London.

"It might have been helpful for the individual concerned to have really sought a different excuse to get asylum into Canada," she said.

"I don't know what went on here, but I have my doubts whether racism and racist attacks on a white individual in South Africa would be the case, because our experience is that it happens the other way round in our country."

Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) is an independent tribunal that operates at arms length from the Canadian government and makes decisions solely on evidence.

The ANC has called the board's decision racist, after Huntley gave evidence that he would be "persecuted" by black Africans because he was white.

The government says it has damaged the country's image.
[that's the ANC's job]

"We do believe that, as I said, the grounds on which this board took this decision are not correct," Van der Merwe said.

She questioned why South Africa's High Commissioner (ambassador) in Ottawa was not informed and consulted on the matter before a decision was taken.

"We think this shows a lack of familiarisation with the facts and realities of South Africa society," she said.

South Africa is still scarred by decades of institutionalised racial division and race remains a raw topic in the new democracy.

Whites continue to dominate Africa's biggest economy, but say the government's affirmative action policies amount to reverse discrimination as the state intervenes to empower more of the black majority. - Reuters

Blacks also 'persecuted'

Thuli Ndlovu doesn't buy the claim of fellow South African, Brandon Huntley, the country's first-known "crime refugee", that he was singled out by criminals because he was white.

Canada's refugee authorities sensationally granted Huntley's refugee status in August after accepting his assertion that he was marked by criminals in South Africa because of his skin colour and that the South African state was unwilling or unable to protect him.

Cape Town native Huntley, 31, applied for refugee status last year after his work permit ran out. Huntley said he had been mugged and stabbed during several attempted robberies and been called a "white dog" or "settler" by his "African South African" attackers.

'I think they were trying to rob her but something went wrong and they shot her'
The immigration and refugee board found "clear and convincing proof" that Huntley was a "victim of his race rather than a victim of criminality" and of an "indifference and inability, or unwillingness, of the government and security forces to protect white South Africans from persecution by African South Africans."

The ruling has caused a firestorm of controversy in South Africa, which has a well-documented violent crime problem but where most of the victims are not whites, but poor blacks, whose stories go unnoticed.

Like Thuli, a 36-year-old tour guide and social worker from Soweto township outside Johannesburg. "First it was my auntie," she says, listing off the victims of violent crime in her family.

Thuli's aunt used to run a shebeen (unlicensed tavern) from her home in eastern Johannesburg. It was there Makhosi was gunned down in front of her two children and patrons in the early hours of one Sunday morning in 2000.

"I think they were trying to rob her but something went wrong and they shot her," Thuli says.

The family were still mourning Makhosi, when four months later, on a Lenten Good Friday, they were back at the graveside, burying Thuli's brother.

Thokozani Ndlovu, 24, was attacked by two unknown men while returning home to his pregnant fiance in Soweto from his job in a bottle shop one evening.

They took his cellphone and wallet and, when he fought back, pumped his head, chest and stomach with bullets. After his death, his fiancee suffered a miscarriage.

And then there was Thuli's own brush with death in 1998 when she was walking from the bus to her backyard home in another part of Soweto.

After being robbed at gunpoint of her phone, money, watch, ring, even earrings, she was shot twice for trying to get away, fearing the next stage was rape.

After six months in hospital she was back on her feet, but one bullet is still lodged in her spine and beeps when she passes through metal detectors. No one was ever arrested in connection with the murders. "They said they didn't have any lead," she said.

Understandably, Thuli disagrees with Huntley's claim that whites are being singled out by criminals.

"They want what you have, whether you're what or black. It's about unemployment (of 27.9 percent)," she says with a resigned air.

The South African government said it was "disgusted" at the ruling which the ruling African National Congress called "racist."

Human rights groups, including the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) and South African Human Rights Commission, also rubbished Huntley's claims of persecution.

"While South Africa is a very violent society the vast majority of the victims of violent crime are black," SAIRR noted.

Whites, who make up 9 percent of the population of 49.3 million, are generally safer because they can afford to pay for private security, SAIRR deputy president Frans Cronje said, referring to the legions of private security guards that watch over the homes of the wealthy.

While a racial motive was sometimes detected in crimes, there was no "general pattern of racial attacks on white South Africans by black South Africans," SAIRR said.

And the racism, as the CEO of the Human Rights Commission Tseliso Thipanyane points out, cuts both ways.

Unions representing white farmers in South Africa allege a racial motive to the high number of violent farm attacks, but a number of attacks by trigger-happy white farmers on farmworkers or community members in recent years have also smacked of racism.

Popular reaction continued to pour in to radio phone-in programmes and Internet sites Wednesday, with most condemning Huntley but a few saluting him for highlighting the crime scourge.

"I've opened people's eyes," Huntley told Johannesburg's The Star newspaper. - Sapa-dpa

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Vanilla Ice said...

Crime stats used to be broken down by Police Station. I remember reading the stats and noticing that armed robberies, home invasions etc, were statistically much greater in an area like Bryanston than for Soweto.

Anybody have these stats, so that we can refute the myth once and for all, that white South Africans are not the target of violent crime.

Doberman said...

Oh what can of worms has been opened. If the Canadians back down, that will embolden the racist fuks at the ANC. If they don't, the ruling can be used to set a precedent and the flood gates will open. The evidence is there and the media, foreign that is, will start to look closer. At least we hope.


About 3 years ago a elderly couple known to me was attacked in their home by the usual BLACK criminals. She was tortured with a hot iron.
They suffered the worst of racial abuse for about 4 hours and were left for dead.
For the ANC to totally ignore this and thousands of other racist crimes by BLACKS against WHITES is the hight of hypocraty.

Anonymous said...

hooray huntley but this decision will only anger our oppressors further and come down on us even harder in less obvious ways.