Friday, September 11, 2009

Horror in the lift

From Irish Savant

There's an advertising campaign running on Irish TV at the moment warning of the dangers from swine flu. It’s set in a lift (elevator) and it opens with a heart-warming scene. An elderly black couple holding hands. Nothing odd about this as we know that blacks bond monogamously for life, just like swans. Although I suppose it is a bit odd in that in Ireland you won't see any elderly blacks, at least for another twenty years or so. So why use them? Well, bear with me.

The lift stops at the next floor and, right on cue, a mixed race child enters, and rushes to the embrace of her loving grandparents. Honestly, I was so touched I had to wipe a tear from my eye. And I don’t know why, because we all know that this is standard fare for a black family - close, loving, monogamous, united in multi-generational harmony.

But wait! Strike a sombre chord and an ominous rolling of drums.

Unknown to us up to now, the lift also harbours a deadly threat. A white male. And like all while males he brings trouble. This one carries a deadly disease, spread by sneezing and hand contact. And like all white males, this one is selfish and inconsiderate. He sneezes, and doesn’t bother to use a tissue. And in doing so he’s shown to infect his fellow passengers, who, being a black multi-generational family, are still clasped in a loving embrace, thereby unwittingly passing on the white male’s germs to one another.

Aren't white males right bastards?

PS: Thanks to Derek for giving us the link to the ad now on YouTube

It's called 'Catch it, bin it, kill it'. That's what I'd like to do to the 'creative' genius who came up with this piece of crap.

Note also how with hundreds of comments, not one that I've seen refers to the blatant social programming that's going on. Seems the sheeple are well under control.

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Treacle Bender said...


Anyone listened to the lyrics of lilly allen's new song fuck you or as VH1 shows it _____ you?

"you're a racist and can't tie my shoe laces"...

WTF....are artists now using subliminal propaganda messages in their songs?

Pensioner said...

This kind of advertising makes me sick. You can see here in SA how the advertisers are directing their ads at the new black middle class. You know, the perfect black housewife who is the great cook, mother, wife, lover and does all the housework herself. When she goes to the shop, the teller is... you are right, white.

Anonymous said...

The white guy is always the stupid one being shown the way by the black. What a lot of shit.

Leifur said...

Why do you say that the kid is mixed race? I don´t see that at all, or that the black people are meant to be familiar with the mother with the kids. Maybe I am not as good as some of you in seeing things as that not beeing from a very multicultural country (still), but to me the kid seems white, albeit with brown hair and eyes. Am I wrong, and if so how can you tell?


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, it was in the papers in London a few weeks ago that the actor in the add did actually get swine flu himself

Exzanian said...

Horror in the lift??!! Hilarious! Reminds me of an incident in old SA before I left. I got into the lift with a British immigrant colleague (for all intents and purposes a liberal guy and free lover of humanity) Already inside the lift were a couple of local hominids of the unwashed class. By the time we got out 4 floors later, my English mate (staring straight ahead) just said "I don't know if they can sing, but man, they sure do hum!"

FishEagle said...

Exzanian, LOL!!