Friday, September 11, 2009

Great Whites of South Africa

On land and in the sea..

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Anonymous said...

I happen to be a long distance surfski paddler in the same area and have seen plenty of sharks out at sea, but I've had 2 occasions where they breached right up close to us - truly an awesome experience.
In the old days our fishing community was mainly coloured and muslim and they referred to GWS as ' jampies' ( as in jumpers ).
Magnificent creatures ! Cool advert !

Grumbleguts said...


I grew up literally on Kalk Bay harbour. These ads were made on Seal Island, in False Bay, not Dyer Island, as can be seen from the background montains. Were/are you from Kalk Bay?

Anonymous said...

@ Grumleguts

Ya I know it's filmed at Seal Island.

I'm from Strand and we often do downwind paddles from Monwabisi to Gordons Bay or vice versa.

I distinctly remember Oom Danie Schoeman and Taki Tragakis hauling HUGE sharks onto the jetty in Strand. In those days we called GW's Bluepointers. I find it amazing that we were so ignorant about sharks in those days.

Do you recall the legendary shark called the Summarine ( the coloured folk caled him/her Spotty ? The old guard lifeguards in the old days practised their retrievals by hooking sharks just behind the reef opposite the clubhouse in Strand.

Have you ever seen what a GW can do to a human ?

Grumbleguts said...


In about 1985, one of the boats at Kalk Bay, the Marion dawn, was involved in the seal cull at the island. One afternoon they had caught a great white, and had strung the thing up from the crane at KB harbour. 11 seals fell out of it's mouth. 11!!! It must have been in the region of 22 ft long. When I had my boat, I did a cull for seals at Dyer Island at one stage. We had a target of 1,000 bull seals to cull. Because of all the blood in the water, the sharks would be continually circling the smaller island, and especially in shark alley, between the 2 islands. I must admit, that in all the years I spent in the area, from Walvis bay to Port Elizabeth, I never once saw a shark breach the surface. I saw many below the surface, and caught too many, but never saw any breaching.

myphotographer said...

Perhaps they didn't breach back in the day because they hadn't been taught how to yet?

Anyway, nice ad but how cool would it have been if the guy had put that last piece in his mounth and a shark came flying out the water and took him out?

Anyway, I surf, a lot and more people still get killed in motor vehicle accidents and falling coconuts and toasters or something.