Monday, September 07, 2009

The Gift That No Longer Keeps On Giving

From Manly's Republic

Once upon a time, long ago, when the wounds of racial bigotry and prejudice were still fresh and bleeding on the body politic of the United States, one need only say the words “racist” or “racism” to bring the discussion to grinding, pin-droppingly silent halt. It was a word that filled the hearts of liberals and other guilt-ridden white people with abject, heart-thumping terror and most would sooner be branded a child molester than a racist.

Nevertheless, even the ugly wounds of our nation’s shameful racist past began to heal - in spite of the insistence of innumerable cynical and self-aggrandizing race hustlers and race baiters on tearing away the scabs year after year. All wounds - even these - heal with the passage of time, although it cannot be denied that continually tearing the scabs away has hampered the healing process, resulting in the formation of hideous keyloid scarring, as it would in the case of actual human flesh.

While it lasted, the so-called “race card” was the gift that kept on giving. It propelled the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and countless other major and minor race hustlers into the national spotlight while affording them an opportunity to line their pockets with plenty of loot. It inflicted the scourge of affirmative action on the nation’s schools and workplaces. It caused racial tension in so many places where the inhabitants thereof had not, for many years, given a moment’s thought to racial differences.

You see, most normal folks - white, black, brown, yellow - are anxious to live their lives in fulfillment of the Vulcan salute of living long and prospering. They want to improve their lives and the lives of their children. They want to live in peace with their neighbors and expect only the same from their neighbors. Anything else in the way of amity and fellowship is icing on the social cake.

Most normal folks are more sensitive to cultural and social differences than they are to skin color. This has been demonstrated time and again on an everyday basis in every mixed-racial neighborhood across the nation.

In my hometown - one that in my youth was predominately white and of overwhelmingly Italian extraction, there were two black families on our block: the Murrays and the Ramseys. For as long as anyone could remember, they had always lived there. For that matter, so did the Baker family and the Mims family (who ran a thriving tailor shop) elsewhere in town. No one paid them much attention because everyone simply accepted them as one of us.

I went to school with the Baker kids and the Mims kids; other than the fact their skin was dark chocolate brown and mine was pale pink, there wasn’t all that much difference between us: we were the progeny of working class parents struggling to survive.

The “black” experience? Tommy Mims would have laughed. To him - and me - there was only the experience of our little town.

In our little town we never meant nothin’…we were just our father’s sons. Saving our money. Dreaming of glory. Twitching like black and white fingers on the triggers of twin revolvers.

I have long since moved away from my little town and have no idea what happened to Tommy Mims. Me? I’m blogging the New American Revolution and wondering if I will be financially solvent two weeks from now.

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For most
normal Americans, the era of racial divisiveness ended on January 20 of this year when Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated as the first black President of the United States. What Sharpton, Jackson - and, ultimately, Charlie Rangel - apparently fail to grasp is that Obama’s presidency effectively renders the race card null and void. If a black man has been elected to the highest office in the land, how can anyone say with a straight face that racism is alive and well today?

They cannot, and this - in addition to the delightful fact that his Presidency will effectively destroy the Democrat Party - should lay to rest for all eternity the folly of affirmative action, as it is painfully clear the bare majority obtained by Obama in the November election was made possible, in large part, from a sizable number of guilty (and just plain ignorant ) white people anxious to absolve themselves of a sin they never committed.

The gift that once gave so generously no longer gives. The racist well is dry. The race card is too heavily marked to have any value in this card game.

The charade is over.

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Anonymous said...

Too quick to write off the "racist" spin I think, the next excuse will be that Obumma isn't a true black with a white mother and all...

Take the cape coloureds for instance, they weren't "white" enough years ago, now they aren't "black" enough to benefit from AA and BEE.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, if only it were true. 70% of whites voted to transition to a black government. That means South Africa is also post-racism, and look at the flack whitey catches.

Viking said...

Great post!
The race hustlers will get desperate (Prof. Gates and Julius Malema e.g.) as they realise the teat is drying up. Whitey is just not playing along, dammit!