Saturday, September 05, 2009

Facebook Site Supporting 'Brandon Huntley' and Minority rights in South Africa

Courtesy of Censorbugbear, click here to join the cause in support of Brandon Huntley's application for refugee status on Facebook. There are other initiatives being planned which we will announce in due course.


Any white South African who has been, mugged, hi-jacked, had their house burgled or in any way feels discriminated against because of their skin colour can join this group to tell their story.

Anyone who knows of somebody else who has been a victim but who cannot join this group is encouraged to be proxy for the said victim to tell his/her or their story.

This will not be a group for racial attacks, and none will be tolerated, as all members will be expected to stick to factual accounts only.

The purpose of this group is to make the international community aware of what is actually happening in South Africa under the ANC-led government, as well as to challenge the denialism of said government to these allegations.

South Africans who have emigrated are also encouraged to join so that they can give their reasons for leaving.

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