Thursday, September 10, 2009

Every ape for himself

Then our Julius has the temerity to demand why blacks are not given the country's finance portfolios. Check out the destruction ONE black AA can do...

Nine held for alleged corruption - Nine people were arrested in the Free State on Tuesday for alleged corruption in the Public Works Department


Johannesburg — The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) yesterday said an independent report into allegations of mismanagement, corruption and fraud facing its CEO Ranthoko Rakgoale was ready.

John Sampson, RTMC board chairman , said the board would discuss this report at a special meeting tomorrow .

Rakgoale is alleged to have spent R1,3m from RTMC coffers to hire private suites at Ellis Park and Loftus Versveld for the Confederations Cup.

Having discussed the report, Sampson said the board would decide whether the allegations facing Rakgoale had substance and how to proceed with the matter.

Logan Maistry, spokesman for the Department of Transport, yesterday said Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele had referred the matter to the RTMC board and was awaiting recommendations from the board.

Rakgoale also allegedly leased nine office blocks for a period of 10 years for R658m for a staff of 148. Only two of these office blocks were being used.

Sampson said the board had commissioned an independent third party -- whom he declined to name -- to investigate allegations against Rakgoale, who is alleged to have spent R4,5m for provincial workshops when only R1,5m was budgeted for.

Rakgoale also allegedly bought furniture -- without following proper tendering procedures -- worth R1,5m from an unregistered company.

Other allegations were that Rakgoale bought a R271000 Audi A4, which he claimed was for the "delivery of post", and spent R9m on advertising without following proper tendering processes.

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Anonymous said...

Eish, the gravy train she is running just like Caster.

I'm sure if they go to this baboons house they'll find the furniture there. Delivering the "post" in an Audi A4 - now that's what I call classy mail.


This phuckers have no concept whatsoever of money or responsibility.

Viking said...

... but at least they're being caught!
I shudder to think how many aren't..

Anonymous said...

theres no way these charges will stick
these guys just claim innocence and ignorance.Now how can any judge rule against that,they are innocent of their ignorance just file 13 it as usual.proudly african let whitey take the blame,his use to it by now had 15 years experience.i wanna fukin leave now for Canada