Friday, September 11, 2009

Did Van Jones leave a legacy for European-Americans to profit from?

By Bo Sears

Van “Well the answer to that is, they’re assholes” Jones has quite a mouth on him. As the man who brought race to the green agenda with his statements about “white polluters” and “white environmentalists steering poison into the people of color communities,” he didn’t hide his opinions too much. Thus, in the end, the midnight departure of this supremacist from federal employment.

I hesitate to call him a racist, by the way, because that term has lost all its meaning in both the dominant media culture and the corporate entertainment culture. Besides, anyone who flinches at being called a racist is way behind the times. But the same can’t be said of ...

Supremacist, hypocrite, bigot, divisive

It was clear from his claim that all Euro-Ams are clones of each other and lack diversity, that Jones was a hard-core supremacist. He was, by his own statements, also a bigot and divisive. His caricature of white Americans pointedly made no reference to nationality (e.g., American) or to continental origins (e.g., Europe). We happen to know from other sources that to verbally strip blacks of their American nationality and their African origin is regarded by Jones as a wholly bigoted and divisive act.

… liar

And he was a liar for saying that school massacres are only carried out by ‘suburban white kids.’

Most of the dominant media culture, a creature controlled by the urban-coastal class, flinched from reporting Jones’ anti-white rhetoric. Instead, the emphasis was laid on his remarks about Republicans and the 9/11 Truthers. Reporting of Jones’ racism was suppressed. That the dominant media culture on TV and in print acted so uniformly (except for the instance of the article referenced above) tells us all we need to know about the media bosses dislike of “whites” roused by black radical rhetoric. It also tells me that they definitely do not respect RD’s position that denigration and dehumanization of European Americans is not to be tolerated.

But something good may have came out of Jones’ full-on attack on “whites” as a demographic - most probably, some of us woke up to the fact that, for the Obama Administration, we are marked by the color of our skin.

That said, a close reading of Jones’ comments something even more useful. It’s ironic of course, given his racism, but some of his claims we can build on.

Two Quotes That Should Open Euro-Am Eyes


“Young white males are suffering in this society. Profoundly. And nobody is saying a word about it.”

Jones is right. When have you heard about members of the diverse white American peoples mounting a campaign to rescue lost young white kids living on the sidewalk, or in grave difficulty with drugs or crime? That we just trust the government to do this work is alarming when we know all the things wrong with the heavy hand of government.


“It is just as evil in my view … to neglect and to ignore these young white men who, as best I can tell, have very little in the way of loving, affirmative male leadership.”

Without accepting his comparisons with other demographics, we have to agree - we have no Committee of 100 White Men to help these kids, for example.

And, by the way, I don’t want to hear that we are not allowed to have such organizations. Of course, we may do such things if we like. There is a delicacy in wording and arguing to be observed, but it is certainly “allowed”. Staying white-centric in using the white voice is the key principle.


The fact is that young European American boys and girls are seriously over-represented in three negative socialized situations: binge alcohol drinking, methamphetamine use, and tobacco smoking. But where are the white men and women to press for programs, volunteer and otherwise, to reduce these behaviors?

Various demographic groups have no hesitation about demanding social aid for their kids when their kids are over-represented in areas of social illness (even Asian Americans do it), but I have yet to hear a single white parent, leader, pastor, or bishop speak out of his or her white voice to demand the rescue of these kids.

Here is what that would sound like, “As a white American, I demand an adequate and decent program in this city directed at strengthening young Euro-Am kids in their fight against ...”

Or, “As a European American, I’m announcing a planning meeting next week for white parents to discuss how to strengthen our kids in their fight against ...”

Maybe the Jones Legacy will have a positive impact after all.

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