Sunday, September 06, 2009

Denialism reigns supreme in South Africa

Trust the BBC to find a handful of people including non-whites to ask whether whites feel persecuted. Non-whites? It's like asking Germans if they felt Jews were oppressed under Hitler. Amazingly too the BBC manages to avoid interviewing the many thousands of whites queueing to leave the country or the hundreds that have joined the Facebook support group for Huntley or even us, a blog they've linked to several times in the past. What about the hundreds of thousands of expats living in London, care to ask them? I suppose when you're looking to paint a certain picture, you pick your colours carefully.

Having read some of the responses below what can one say? Horse. Lead. Water. One white woman even "supports affirmative action" nogal although she is "concerned for her children's future". That doesn't make sense honestly, she looks like a grandmother, a bit old to be having young kids if their future is something that concerns her way off in the future. Which is it? Did the BBC misquote you in the translation? Isn't affirmative action one of the issues that Brandon Huntley cited as an issue? So you agree then, he is discriminated against because of his race? And what's all that BBC-leftist-sounding crap about "white males used to being on top of the pile"? That's definitely not something a white woman would say.

I'm all for people feeling positive
, denying, disagreeing, wanting to stay etc but those that want to leave should be free to do so and not ridiculed.

My guess is the BBC reporter wanted an angle and looked for people in a town not so affected by crime. Even so it would probably have taken hours to amass people against the decision. One chap looks Malay to me so is it Cape Town? I'd like the BBC to go back into the streets and this time interview people living in, say, northern Johannesburg under daily criminal terror. I won't hold my breath though, the angle has been crafted to suit the leftist view of the BBCak. Some of the answers are pretty stupefying which leads me to suspect there has been a wadful of literary licence used by the reporter to twist the facts. It wouldn't be the first time the BBC has done it either. Poor show BBCak.

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Pensioner said...

It is just amazing that the BBC with all it's resources cannot find one person who admitted that Whites are persecuted in South Africa today.
I offer my services to the BBC to clean the editting room floor where all the clippings, from those SANS who did feel that Whites are persecuted, are lying.

Viking said...

the perception that whites "have money all the time" is racial profiling! true or not, it forms the basis for targeting people with white skin.

whatever way you slice, whites are an unprotected ethnic minority. That's enough to claim asylum!
what about the 32 other SA "refugees" in Canada? They are part of the ruling ethnic group - what is their justification for being there?

crime? their sexuality? the SA government says no, these are NOT reasons for seeking asylum from South Africa. I trust these 32 will be send home too.

Anonymous said...

These guys quote a woman who said its OK to be mugged . "I have been mugged a few times, but it was nothing serious," must take the cake. It is now "nothing serious" to be mugged not once but a few times? My neighbor 2 houses down, was attacked at 4am, 3 days ago in his own house. The guy next door and his wife were hijacked on the beach-front about a month ago. Yes it is not serious at all to the world, our government, or the police that we are being milked and to hell with us if we don't like it. If we dare to even question this we and our families become targets for rape, torture and death. Condoned by the world at large. Except Canada? Who the hell are they to decide? Time to stop pleading with criminals and start shooting. Oops they have taken the guns. Time for real South Africans to Stand Up and be counted.

Leifur said...

What is most frightening by all these comments it the one by the young woman that has learned to live with all the crime, so much so that she has accepted it as a normal fact of life.

And the other guy that says: "then he should just get himself a gun", well for all my interests in guns I hope I will never be even in the situation of having to imagine myself using it on another human being. In fact I can count on my one hand the instances I have seen guns in real life.

And is it not notoriously hard to obtain and keep guns legally in SA?

Maybe my society is exceptionally crime free, but nevertheless it should never be something normal or accepted as something everybody will sooner or later be caught up in to be mugged or have your home broken into.

To be essentially considered cash cows for unproductive people in society, without having the protection of said society.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that somebody picked up on the absolute idiocy of this BBC article. I came across it at work last week and nearly choked on my tea! They seem to have picked the most dim-witted types, who obviously don't question much and pretty much put up with whatever come their way! They are the sort that Solzhenitsyn describes were left over in Russia after everybody with else with some shred of independent thought had either been shipped off to the gulag or deported!