Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Criminals patrolling neighbourhoods

This was one of Zuma's bright pre-election ideas to combat crime, a system of community street patrols manned by volunteers. Too bad nobody checked the volunteers. It can't be bloody effective if you stock the patrols with criminals! Mind you, to be fair, the ANC would be hard-pressed to find blacks without criminal records.

DA KZN spokesperson for Community Safety And Liaison

The Democratic Alliance in KZN has reacted with alarm to news that
43 youths, recruited to the province's Volunteer Social Crime Prevention Programme for 2010, hold criminal records (see report).

According to media reports, the youths, who have subsequently been fired from the programme, were screened and recruited by the KZN Department of Community Safety and Liaison. One of the recruits has since been arrested and charged with housebreaking and theft.

DA KZN Community Safety spokesperson Sizwe Mchunu said he was appalled at the news, which he labelled the very antithesis of what the department had set out to achieve. "Clearly the initial screening process was entirely inadequate and there needs to be accountability for what is a shocking oversight on the part of departmental officials."

Despite the revelation, the programme, designed to reduce high social crime levels in KZN, has been hailed a success by provincial government.

Mchunu said the DA believed that the entire programme has been compromised, after reports indicated that
the volunteers were required to work with sensitive information.

"Volunteers working within programmes of this nature must be beyond reproach. Large sums of provincial money have been pumped into projects relating to the soccer world cup - KZN's government has a duty to its citizens to ensure that they are not infiltrated by a criminal element."
Statement issued by Sizwe Mchunu, MPL, Democratic Alliance KZN Spokesperson for Community Safety and Liaison

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Anonymous said...

When the pigs start running the farm....just saying.

Islandshark said...

Blacks without criminal records? Well they certainly won't find them if they start searching in govt departments.