Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crime stats…and miles to go before I sleep

By Michael Trapido

With all the major parties gnashing their teeth and wailing on about how terrible the South African crime statistics are, you’d think the time had finally come to start making major inroads into crime.

Unfortunately the talk and the walk are totally out of sync with one another.

Just a few reminders:

NPA withdraw charges on highest profile prima facie case;

  • Shaik circumvents the medical parole system;
  • Hlophe’s matter is dropped; and last but by no means least
  • Scorpions the country’s number one crime fighting unit is disbanded.
If you are going to trash the criminal justice system in the name of “equity” then you are bound to run into the following:
  • Police that are disheartened;
  • A judiciary that needs a new name to describe that thing that oversees our judges;
  • A total disregard and disrespect for law and order; and
  • A criminal justice system beneficial to victors and elite.
When the politicians in power show the will to fight crime at all levels and the opposition parties offer more input and less point scoring then we might have the start of the beginning of the fight against crime.

Right now?

We have a murder rate higher than war zones.

You figure it out.

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