Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cosatu to take hard line on politicians and public servants

There is just two things wrong with Cosatu: everything it says and does. However, the statement below by Cosatu had me schtummed. I actually agree with almost all of the statement. Me. In agreement with..Cosatu? *shudder*


The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is expected to take a hard line on politicians and public servants at its next congress and call for a ban on business people holding public office.

It is also expected to demand a five-year cooling period, instead of the present one-year period for public servants who wish to move into the private sector.

The demands are to be tabled at its 10th congress later this month, and could put Cosatu on a collision course with parts of the African National Congress (ANC).

Many ANC national executive committee members are also business people, and would see Cosatu's push as an attempt to sideline them. Cabinet ministers who have business interests include Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale and Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda.

The proposals are contained in draft discussion documents.

"There is a growing phenomenon where business people seek public office as they know this will work very well for their business interests during and after their stay in office," the document states .

The discussion document says Cosatu should insist that those who want to be public representatives must choose between serving the country and being business people.

The federation says that simply declaring one's interests is not "good enough".

However, it acknowledges that it might not win over the ANC on this point, but reserves the right to withhold support for these individuals and warns that backing business people would amount to "class suicide".

The document also lists a number of corruption cases which were highlighted in the auditor- general's report released last month. They include a provincial department paying R25 for a 500ml bottle of Valpré water and R26 for a loaf of bread.

Another example is of a government agency which signed an agreement with a training academy for R39m -- before it had secured the funds for the project -- and R220m was paid to a consultant for "business advisory services" although there was no contract in place. An employee of the firm was subsequently appointed the chief financial officer of the department.

Cosatu condemned the "grab what you can while you can" attitude of public servants who use their positions to access largesse.

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Anonymous said...

Doberman - Cosatu never does anything without a reason. Aren't there a few of their cadras in the government grabbing whilst they can?? Never trust these commies...

Doberman said...

I agree, these are just words, but there's nothing much in there one could find disagreement with. However, actions rather than words is what matters. This proposal will land in the bin, as usual.


As Casatu is a business
( dis-service industry )it would logically mean that non of their members or at least the upper cast should have a position in government. Even if this would be adopted, it could be circumvented with ease.

Anonymous said...

At one stage Cosatu had a minority shareholding in e-TV. Does anybody know the size of this holding today?