Monday, September 14, 2009

Cops gun down six in cash-heist shoot-out

What a day for Pretoria police, taking a firm hand with criminals. Six dead scumbag crooks? A good start.

Police shot dead six would-be robbers in Kameeldrift, Pretoria, on Monday while an officer was wounded in both legs.

Director Sally de Beer said a search was under way for three other gang members -- believed to have escaped.

"The investigation is continuing," she said, adding that police were still on the scene and would identify the dead through fingerprinting.

A shoot-out occurred after guards near the Baviaanspoort Prison, north of Pretoria, noticed two cars approaching a Coin security van that was transporting cash at about midday. The guards notified police and a special task force and the police's air wing were dispatched.

When police arrived, the robbers got out of two vehicles -- a black Volkswagen Polo and a white Nissan bakkie.

"The suspects started firing at the Coin van, shooting at its tyres," said De Beer.

The task force opened fire, killing six gunmen.

A police superintendent was shot in both legs. He was airlifted to hospital and was in a stable condition.

So far, three R5 rifles, four pistols and a shotgun had been recovered from the scene.

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A good harvest. May it continue. Congratulation to the cops for eradicating this vermin.

Treacle Bender said...

Propaganda at it's best..

ANC getting rid of dead weight and at the same time showing the rest of the world that they are serious about eradicating crime?

Doesn't impress me at all except for the 6 stinking savages that snuffed it.

Doberman said...

I was having a bad day then saw this post. I'm heppy, heppy eish. As is my tradition, I drink a beer for every scumbag killed, that's 14 beers right? ;)

@ TB, spot on. BS, that's all. We need to see these headlines every day six dead, 10 dead, 5 dead, to believe they are serious about eradicating this scum.