Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chuene apologises for Semenya sex test but not for lying

Despite Chuene's admission of wrong doing the irritating little pr*ck still has the audacity to push an agenda for Semenya by refusing to accept the results of the IAAF's gender testing. Maybe he's still trying to act in the "best interests" of the athlete.

South Africa's top track official has apologized for denying knowledge of gender tests done on runner Caster Semenya in South Africa.

Athletics South Africa president Leonard Chuene told reporters Saturday that his constant denials were an "error of judgment" and apologized for misleading the public. He says he knew of the tests and was trying to protect Semenya's privacy.

South African officials have repeatedly said tests were done on the 800-meter world champion only abroad.

The international athletics body ordered gender tests after questions arose about Semenya's muscular physique and stunning improvement.

It has refused to confirm or deny Australian media reports saying tests show Semenya has both male and female organs.


Athletics South Africa (ASA) president Leonard Chuene admitted on Saturday that he refused to accept advice from ASA team doctor Harold Adams to withdraw Caster Semenya from the world athletics championships in Berlin last month.

Chuene also admitted that he had lied to the South African public about not having any knowledge of gender tests conducted on Semenya in Pretoria last month.

He added that ASA's deception on the matter was intended to protect Semenya's confidentiality.

"I now realise that it was an error of judgement and I would like to apologise unconditionally. As president of ASA I will not, however, apologise for allowing caster Semenya to run or for protecting her privacy.

"We fully agree that we could have handled this matter differently but something like this has never happened in this country before and we at ASA believe we acted in the best interests of the athlete," he said.

But while Chuene was advised by Adams to withdraw Semenya, he said he refused to do so without any concrete evidence. He said that Adams' verbal recommendation was not sufficient for him to make a decision on such a sensitive matter.

Chuene also said that Adams, who travelled with Semenya to Berlin, should have advised the athlete to withdraw herself from the championships.

The IAAF is still awaiting the results of gender tests conducted in Berlin but Chuene said he would not accept those results because the world governing body did not follow the correct protocol.

From The Richmark Sentinel

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Pensioner said...

I wonder what the little numbnut that runs the ancyl and Winnie are going to say about this now. I bet they are privately sorry for supporting Chuene. I won't hold my breath waiting for apologies from these two though.


There can hardly be a better example of a brain dead,
selfserving ANC prick
without the slightest amount of shame or embarrassment. Chuene is the prototype of black phuck ups.

Exzanian said...

This whole thing can be summed up in one phrase: One silver medal in the Olympics...

Anonymous said...

He's not sorry. He's sorry that he got caught.

AMB said...

Watched an Aussie sport programme this morning where they were angry that ASA had blatantly lied and said it was unacceptable. Well, they obviously still need to learn that African blacks have no morals and like Doberman says, they're only sorry they got caught.

Anonymous said...

So Caster becomes the poster boy of the "new" South Africa.A country that once led the world in medical and transplant science-now incapable of providing the most basic medical investigation (an ultrasound) to a young person clearly showing signs of abnormal development.Instead they knowingly parade her on the world stage with the puerile hope that the world would be duped.What idiots.Like Zuma believing a shower could prevent his Aids after raping a young woman.Welcome to the Union of Zimbabwe.