Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caster Semenya boohoo

By Ruffle

I'm sure there must be track fans out there. And I know my view of this situation is harsh, but have no patience for fraud at these prestigious world athletic events. And do not view Caster as a victim. There were plenty of signs beforehand and should have addressed these issues well ahead of time. And I personally do not view IAAF's response to this situation as being unfair. I see nothing wrong with their handling of the situation, they had to make a public announcement to address the concerns of track athletes world wide. Blame the media for taking it as far as they have, IAAF is not the media. Blame Caster for not taking responsibility earlier, not IAAF. Blame South Africa from trying to hide the questions that follow Caster and failing to make it clear without a doubt Caster is a women, don't blame IAAF for South Africa's negligence.

At the World Championships, in Berlin, Germany, Caster Semenya won the women's 800m at the age of 18, with the fastest time of any women this year and 5 seconds ahead the next person. If you watch footage you can see the disgust and anger of the other participants as they watched Caster round the track with South Africa's flag around her/his shoulders.

When you look upon Caster there is no semblance of feminity. Despite being world class athletes, women still are women, they have hips, curved waste, slender arms and legs, feminine facial characteristics and breasts. Even young female gymnasts look very feminine and later grow up to be normal women usually.

Caster Semenya has lived much of her athletic career with questions about her gender. This is not new. This is old. It is the duty of every athlete who participates at IAAF events, to prove their gender since WW II, when a German man won the a women's track event. Since then there have been other athletes who failed the gender test, like the 800m silver medalist, from India who had her medal revoked.

Why should Caster Semenya be treated differently. Each person who failed received a lot of press and were publicly outted as being fraud. Caster Semenya is not a child, she/he is 18 years old, allowed to vote and drive. Here, we know in the US, if you commit crime at age 18 you will be tried as an adult. 18 year old women and men are fully capable of living up to adult standards and adult responsiblities, there are no excuses. Caster is an adult, tired of reading oh she is so young, should not have to deal with this issue.

South Africa was told of the rumors and suspicions. They were requested to withdraw Caster from the race. But they refused saying it was racist. Very lame response.

Women's Track and Field is not about Caster Semenya. It's about the celebration of female athletes. There is no room for unfair advantages, no drugs, no male parts or illegal or excessive level of male hormones. Blame the doctors, blame the mother if you have to, this is not the fault of the IAAF.

Women have said they refuse to race with Semenya stating he has unfair advantages. Leaked to Australian papers it would seem Semenya does NOT have a uterus or ovaries but undescended testicles making Semenya a man. A full grown male with testicles that just didn't drop. Caster also has 3 times the normal level of testosterone of any other female athlete.

How could Caster not know? No monthly periods or any visible breasts or any visible female curves or facial characteristics. And you can find videos of interview with Caster. Not even a little semblance of a woman in his voice, completely male sounding, has a lower voice than I do...

I have no sympathy for Caster and believe ran knowing he was committing fraud and should be banned from competing from any other world track events. I say banned because to me it seems to be fraud not done so innocent and unknowing. If proven Caster ran without knowing, then it's not fraud. In the end for me, this is about WOMEN'S TRACK AND FIELD. IAAF has a duty to maintain fair competition for all FEMALE ATHLETES at these prestigious TRACK AND FIELD events. This is not about whether it's fair for a hermaphrodite to run with obvious unfair advantages.

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This article changed my mind about Caster completely. I will hereafter to refer as him to Caster. I have reached the end of my pity for him. If you can't stand the heat buddy boy, get outta the kitchen!