Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carl Lewis blasts Athletics South Africa over Caster Semenya case

For one of the sport's greatest former champions to come out so forcefully against the bozos at ASA shows that the black nationalists/ racists in the ANC have failed miserably with their crude racial antics. They can't even count on black support on the outside.


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The Examiner

Caster Semenya, an 18-year-old sprinter from South Africa, is completely devastated by the gender controversy swirling around her, according to reports released this morning. Last week, an Australian newspaper revealed that Semenya may have both male and female sexual characteristics, and Semenya has been humiliated by the news. She pulled out of a competition once the news leaked, and AHN reports that she is in hiding and receiving trauma counseling.

Former Olympic champion Carl Lewis says officials from Athletics South Africa (ASA) shoulder much of the blame for how the Semenya story has played out. According to the First Post, Carl Lewis bluntly told the ASA: "It's your fault." Lewis goes on to say that athletics officials should have protected Caster Semenya from the controversy: "She is your athlete in your country and you didn't deal with this before. To put it out in front of the world like that, I am very disappointed in them because I feel that it is unfair to her."

Meanwhile, South African officials are pointing fingers of their own. A government minister from South Africa has filed a complaint with the United Nations, saying the IAAF showed "blatant disregard" for Caster Semenya by not protecting the confidentiality of her case.

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.."A government minister from South Africa has filed a complaint with the United Nations"..

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