Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Canadian Asylum: Obligatory race card is played

This is the ANC's response to the Canadian asylum case, laughable, as usual. Would you expect anything less? It is obviously geared for foreigners. Are we to assume the race card now trumps the apartheid card that served the ANC so well for 15 years?

A responsible government would take on board the decision of the Canadian authorities and try to understand the individual's concerns and perhaps allay his fears and others hearing it but the ANC regime is a terrorist beast not accountable to anyone. Marxists thrive on bullshit. The communist handbook says when in trouble deny, fabricate and go on the offensive.

The fact that there are real people dying out there en masse, 20 000 every year means nothing. The fact South Africa is the most violent shithole on earth outside of a war zone means nothing. Not to the ANC that is, but it does matter to responsible governments like Canada. Goes the ANC, we have a nice "democratic constitution" and we are "committed" to fighting crime. Ya ya, we've heard that for almost 16 years, the issue is when? NOW would be nice, especially to the 50 people that will be murdered tomorrow.

Of course whites and blacks are affected by crime but whites are definitely more susceptible to race hate crimes. The mountain of evidence proves it. The many instances where white victims are called "white dogs" or "white bitches" is well documented. Even the police and judges do it dammit!!

Whites are also more likely to be raped and tortured before being murdered. The 3100 farmer deaths in 35 000 attacks proves it, and the perpetrators of 99% of these attacks? Blacks. I'd say those are solid grounds for whites to fear black reprisals and for foreign governments to grant white South Africans refugee status. In the meantime, sit back as more of these cases come to the fore and the ANC fucktards squirm in indignation. The jig is up muddafukkas, scream "waycism" all you want, the world doesn't believe your shit anymore!

White South African granted refugee status in Canada
South African Refugee: A Review of Canadian Comments
'White dogs will be killed'
Cop: You whites must fuck off!
Cop: "You white shit, you are going to die here with your money"


Ruling party condemns reasoning behind decision to grant white SAn refugee status

The African National Congress (ANC) views the granting by Canada of a refugee status to South African citizen Brandon Huntley on the grounds that Africans would "persecute" him, as racist.

South Africa is a constitutional democracy with organs of State fully in place to fight crime - one of the ANC's key priorities - without any reference to race of a victim or perpetrator. We find the claim by Huntley to have been attacked seven times by Africans due his skin colour - without any police intervention - sensational and alarming. Canada's reasoning for granting Huntley a refugee status can only serve to perpetuate racism.

There are no doubts about the Government's commitment to fight crime in the country. During his 2009 State of the Nation Address, President Jacob Zuma made it clear that Government would - with the support of all organs of civil society - move with speed in addressing crime.

Said the President: "Together we must do more to fight crime. Our aim is to establish a transformed, integrated, properly resourced and well-managed criminal justice system. It is also critically important to improve the efficiency of the courts and the performance of prosecutors, and to enhance detective, forensic and intelligence services. This work has started in earnest, and it will be undertaken with new energy and vigour."

The President's appointment of Police Commissioner Bheki Cele and that of Head of Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations (DPCI), Anwar Dramat, soon after taking over the reigns as Head of State - demonstrates how serious Government is, in stamping out crime.

* Among other interventions, Government has further pledged to:
Increase the South African Police Service personnel from 183 180 to 204 860 over the next three years.
* Increase the number of detectives by more than 19 percent, with 12 928 staff already undergoing detective related training this year.
* Increase the capacity of forensic science laboratories with additional funding of R150 million for 2008/9 period and a further R50 million per year to 2011/12 financial year. This is done due to the importance of scientific evidence, which has become essential in the investigation of cases.

Crime fighting is at the core of the ANC's commitment to create a stable and safe environment for all South Africans regardless of colour or creed. Dealing with crime along racial lines can only serve to divide the nation.

Statement issued by African National Congress spokesperson, Brian Sokutu, September 1 2009

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Viking said...

Well said, Doberman

Vanilla Ice said...

Indeed, "the world doesn't believe your shit anymore".

The ANC's response is to quite simply deny any narratives suggesting that crime is out of control, which is symptomatic of a failing government. In so doing the ANC suggests that all whites are liars, besides which it is on record that the ANC proclaims that crime is merely a white preoccupation.

Viking said...

On the radio today, some minister stated definitively that nobody is targeted in South Africa because of their skin colour.
So, there you go! end of debate.

Loggi said...

Great. Now we can all sleep tight tonight. O yes, except for all the people who have been murdered, raped, assaulted and tortured.

Ron. said...

Looks like the truth is getting harder for the ANC to deny but they will now probably try to switch to another diversion tactic.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching a C.B.C. television news clip tonight (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) where they interviewed a black S.A. gov't representative in Ottawa. It was rather pathetic to see a foreign diplomat attempting to demean Huntley by inferring that his "lowly worker status" (my words) would have some bearing on the issue. This titled man with Dr. in front of his name reminded me of the arrogance displayed by the apes in the movie "Planet of the Apes" where humans were seen as having less status than the ruling apes.

A group of 4 or 5 Johannesburg coloureds were also asked how they felt about Canada's decision. Their response was blacks, coloureds, and whites ALL suffer equally.

One liberal S.A. White man responded by inferring that Huntley was just an opportunitist who wanted to get into Canada.

The entire news report by the (Communist Broadcasting Corporation) was clearly biased in favour of casting a bad light on this refugee decision.

Anonymous said...

"The entire news report by the (Communist Broadcasting Corporation) was clearly biased in favour of casting a bad light on this refugee decision."

...and we all know who owns the CBC: That's right, the very same people who back the ANC and DA in South Africa!

Anonymous said...

Not so fast people. It seems politics will win again as always. The ANC has made enough noise for the Canadian government who will now appeal the decision by the immigration board. SA whites are still not seen as victims by the international community and should this decision be overturned it will do more harm than good. I just hope that the evidence they submitted during the original hearing was truly clear and convincing. If there is sufficient evidence and it is made public it will backfire on the ANC government. Problem is how much will politics influence the courts decision?