Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Canadian Asylum: FF+ responds

Unlike the ANC reply which I posted just so you could see how the ANC would try to spin, rinse and spit out the Canadian embarrassment, the FF+'s response uses, er, um, what's the word.. oh yes: FACTS. I think the Canadians use them too.


Pieter Groenewald says ruling is culmination of years of govt indifference to racial attacks


"For the ANC to label the decision of Canada to grant the South African, Brandon Huntley, asylum status, as racist, is in itself racist. [say it again!]

Part of Huntley's application was that he had been called a ‘white dog' and a ‘boer' by criminals during an attack on him. These name-calling terminologies are nothing unusual and even black police officers have called white victims of crime ‘white dogs'.
[yep, as I said..]

The FF Plus has in this regard already laid two complaints with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against police officers.

A result is still being awaited from the HRC. If police members make such remarks, it is not surprising when criminals do the same.

The previous Minister of Safety and Security, Mr. Charles Nqakula, even in Parliament told me to stop complaining about crime or else I have to leave the country. It is then no wonder that people leave the country.

The ANC should rather do everything in their power to fight black on white racism, rather than want to place the blame on someone else or a country such as Canada," Mr. Pieter Groenewald (MP), chief spokesperson on Police for the FF Plus says.

"The granting of asylum status to Huntley should be seen as a call for help by victims of crime in South Africa . It places a great responsibility on the ANC government to change it or else there will be more such cases," Groenewald said.

Statement issued by Pieter Groenewald, Freedom Front Plus police spokesperson.

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FishEagle said...

The timing of this incident couldn't have been better, right after the Caster incident. Nobody believed the Caster incident was racially motivated despite the black South Africans' claims.

Anonymous said...

The black ploticians make things up. Anything to divert the attention of the dumb mielie mouths from their unemployment, hunger and dissapointment. Expect more to come as it gets worst and Sipho starts to wonder when the hell is he getting his free washing machine.

BTW: How the fuck do you have service delivery riots when you dont pay for the services in any event? ANYONE?

Treacle Bender said...

I don't care what the pathetic ff-plus have to say because they are a traitorous lot and cannot be trusted in their ways.

What is important though is that an almost insignificant whitey from Mowbray has been the spark for an ever more open and larger debate across the world..

The anc have literally swallowed both feet with their racism accusations and racist remarks towards Canada. They are now visibly in the worlds spotlight, this time in a bad way..

They are showing their true colours and arrogance to the rest of the world.

This kid has called their bluff. The anc can't prove him wrong and that infuriates them even more. God, I love this. The anc have said things they probably now regret saying. They can't take it back or apologise. The damage is done anc. I only hope that other first world countries will join Canada and open their doors for SA whites looking for asylum. We need their support, minus the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dobes - I still can't access your email address from this blog so can you please just type it up for me under my comment (I think my computer blocks links to email addresses). Here's a pic for one you:

Anonymous said...

Freedom Front for Governemnt!

Censorbugbear said...

I just got a call from a Polish reporter who wanted comment about Huntley's claim. I was able to provide him with a huge body of sourced material which proves that Huntley was absolutely correct - that 'whites' aren't safe in South Africa; that policemen cannot protect 'whites' when they can't even protect themselves. So the international news media is hugely interested in this subject. Such fun. See my latest post on the way minibus taxidrivers now are waging war on the government-run buses which were put in place to transport WC2010 tourists safely from venue to venue. Oh dear! They cannot even protect bus passengers.

Anonymous said...

No DA statement on the real issues, such as this one!

T said...

Racists? In SA? Let me see, how do we explain to a kid born in 1994, post NP era that he cant be employed due to AA? He can start a business but cannot tender to the state due to BEE? He may not use the K word, or N word - or any other word when talking to a black man, but he in turn can be called a racist, colonialist, dog, mhlungu or anything else for that matter. Explain to that kid that Juliarse Malema, Peter Mokaba, Nkula Motata, to name but a few of my favourites - can bleat on about whites, he MAY NOT do the same back. Explain why we have a BLA and FBJ - for blacks - and this is acceptable, but we may not allow a WLA or a FWJ? Finally explain to both him and me why blacks are NEVER racist - only white people are allowed to be racist??

FishEagle said...

T, this next comment is a bit tongue in cheek. It's simple. Just explain how whites are better than blacks. We just wanted to even the playing field.


News at 19 00 hours : ANC boons are outraged and the Canadians that let this white guy in must for sure be some ( you guessed it ) RACISTS !!
Whenever this boons run out of a sane argument - and this happens at a increasing scale and speed they throw the "Racist Package " into the ring. With every time the same old card R gets flashed it becomes more useless.

Vanilla Ice said...

This may be big news in SA, but other than a few articles in Canada, it isn't even page 3 news. In fact, in my home town I have found no reference to this article. It is a non-event as far as most Canadians are concerned.

Doberman said...

@ Treacle, I get a sense of deja vu with the FF+. They recently sided with the ANC against the DA and that sent warning bells for me. Mulder being in the ANC regime is also incomprehensible. I fear the FF+ is not what we thought they would be. Time to dump them and focus on the next best.

Anonymous said...

"I get a sense of deja vu with the FF+. They recently sided with the ANC against the DA"

I know, wasn't that GREAT!?
The DA used the VF to win the Cape Metropole and then kicked them (and the ACDP) aside as they have ONLY the interests of the Anglo-American Bankers at heart. Indeed they are anti-Christian AND anti-self-determination, SO it is obvious that the VF and ACDP should make bad bed-fellows for them, YET the DA sough to USE these parties, much like the dreaded floor-crossing, which they agreed to when the NP still held the Northern AND Western Cape Provinces!

Trust me on this if nothing else:

Common Sense