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White Guilt Awareness Day

By Caroline Rushing

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Leftwing indoctrination of American kids

If you are straight, white, and male, please stand up. Congratulations, you are more privileged than you probably ever realized. Because of your blessed birth, you are responsible for the victimization of thousands of your underprivileged peers. You may not be aware, but implicitly you hate, resent, and distrust everyone who does not look like you. How does this make you feel? No, do not answer. Instead, allow us to tell you how you should be feeling. You should be feeling extremely guilty and ashamed, and in order to move past your racist tendencies and make amends for being born privileged, you should apologize to those you victimize daily. Now, tell us how you feel.

The above sums up the way the Left deals with diversity. I have witnessed this firsthand during “diversity day” for a leadership conference just this past summer at the University of Virginia, where I am a rising third-year student. This kind of indoctrination from the Left is not unique to my school. Allow me to walk you through the day I call “white guilt awareness day.” Liberals want to make whites — men especially — feel guilty for being white, and to feel responsible for centuries of oppressing minorities. They want to show them that deep down whites inherently resent and hate blacks and other minorities, and college professors and administrators have taken it upon themselves to “help” students discover these deeply-rooted feelings.

During breakfast, we took a “privilege assessment” to gauge how much more advantaged white people are than everyone else. The measure of privilege was split up into three categories: Gender and Sexual Orientation, Race, and Nationality. Here are some of the criteria used to assess us in the “race” category:

1) Most hair stylists know how to work with your hair.

2) You can choose blemish cover or “flesh” color bandages that more or less match your skin tone.

3) You have never been asked if you are the hired help.

These are just a few of the statements that were used to award “privilege” points. It is no surprise that white males turned out to be the most privileged according to this assessment. When we moved to discussion, we talked about how our privilege — or lack thereof — made us feel. The faculty attempted to provoke white students into saying how “shocked and guilty” we felt and how we “had never thought of these things during day-to-day activities.” Upon being made aware of our “white privilege,” we were immediately sent on a guilt trip.

Next, we moved to a lecture discussing an article titled “The Central Frame of Color-Blind Racism.” In his remarks, the professor essentially told the class that implicit feelings of resentment and hatred are engrained in all white people. Now, not only did the white students feel guilty, but also the minority students felt victimized and resentful.

The last infuriating activity was a personal reflection activity. We were given web-charts with eight stems in the web. Each stem was to be filled with the following categories: race, gender, sexual preference, socio-economic status, religion, disability, and two characteristics of our choice. We then were asked to discuss, in small groups, a time we were proud and a time we were ashamed to identify with one of these characteristics. A “privileged” man in my group fed right into the liberal agenda of the activity and explained he has been ashamed of being a white man when he sees the terrible things that white men have done, the injustices in the world, and how he has so much while others have so little. This poor guy took the diversity day bait hook, line, and sinker.

“White guilt” is the politically correct agenda taught by the Left on college campuses today. That is why colleges such as Bryn Mawr and Mt. Holyoke have started student organizations called “Whiteness Awareness Allies Group,” and “Mt. Holyoke Anti-Racism Coalition.” These groups were formed so that white students can sit around and “facilitate dialogue about whiteness,” “deconstruct white privilege,” feel guilty about being white, and find ways to apologize to society for the injustices whites have inflicted upon other cultures.

Sadly, this is exactly what the politically correct elitists on the Left want. White guilt perpetuates the victimization of minorities by convincing them of how terrible their existence is. As long as we keep telling people they are victims, the Left will continue their reign over the oppressed, students will be forced to be more politically correct in order to avoid further injustice, and white students will continue to be ashamed of themselves and find ways to apologize to society. White hate groups are just one of a few different means used at universities to battle the “privileged.”

Welcome to the politically correct world of higher education — allow them to tell you how you should feel.

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Anonymous said...

hand me my barf bag someone said to me...liberals suck arse..

Anonymous said...

It should not be called higher education, but higher indoctrination.

I would also love to know the surname of the professor in question.

FishEagle said...

I've had the humiliating experience of sitting through one of these diversity workshops. We were only a handful of whites that attended. After the workshop the blacks and coloureds were more pissed off at the whites than ever before. The organizers succeeded fully in their white bashing agenda and failed miserably at their stated aim of team building.

FishEagle said...

I was still very inexperienced when I attended the workshop and it had a big impact on me. It's one of the reasons that I became so conservative and racist. So they may actually be doing more harm/good (depending from which side you're gunning) than they realize.

Keep up the good work, idiots.

Francois said...

This is sad, the way new generation white people must be "told" to feel guilty about actions of the past.

I think the time is right that we as white people must start to educate ourselves and start to direct the finger at these so-called oppressed people. We do so by finding information / facts about their ancestors and how their ancestors oppressed / murdered and raped people for the better half of the last 2 decades. It's time we get the prove we need to make them feel guilty about their ancestors and their heritage. Every time they spew "white guilt", we can fire our ammo about people like Idi Amin, Mugabe, Shaka Zulu, previous African Tribal Kings etc, that killed so many whites and blacks in Africa through the times since the 17th century. According to them, their ancestors never did anything wrong and were always peaceful and humane towards other races and cultures.

If this continues "white guilt", we will soon have people going to plastic surgeons to make themselves black, "Michael Jackson style"

Anonymous said...

@FE: I've noticed that coloureds are very quick to paint whites into the racist corner when it comes to blacks. Not that they give a shit about blacks; they just want to humiliate you for being white. Something to do with the kink in their hair.

FishEagle said...

Anon, indeed. The coloureds call the blacks kaffirs in front of me (something I actually seldom call them) but as soon as the blacks are around they turn on me, whitey, in a heart beat.

Viking said...

I've read articles like this that are 100% serious.....

Anonymous said...

Universities are recruiting grounds for Neo-Marxists. The real purpose is the emasculation of white males and the farming of useful idiots.

This kind of trash, masquerading as education, is criminal-level fraud and should be actionable by taxpayers and fee-payers.

Gullibility peaks in the mid-IQ range.