Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brisbane Riverfire

Every year at the start of Spring, Brisbane City holds a festival of fireworks along its river. Half a million people line the banks of the city to witness the most unbelievable fireworks display from atop skycrapers, barges positioned in the river, from bridges, anywhere they can append fireworks for a FULL 25 MINUTES! For free. It is truly the most impressive display of fireworks coordinated to music that you will ever see. This year's Riverfire took place yesterday. It is a day of festivities, people start flocking to the best vantage points from early morning and it only begins at 7pm.

The show starts with a fly-over of two F-111s flying low along the river and ends with the same planes doing a "dump and afterburn". You can feel the heat from the planes. The clip is about two minutes long but imagine 25 minutes of this.

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