Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Brandon Huntley: Media Release

I have been in touch with Mr Huntley's attorney Mr Russell Kaplan who forwarded this media release to me yesterday. I have assured Mr Kaplan of my and your unwavering support in his application and he has indicated that he is categorising and filing every snippet of information forwarded to him. As you can see your efforts have been noted and your stories will prove useful in securing a win for Brandon Huntley. Keep them coming.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 7, 2009

1) There are "Brandon Huntley" stories from all over the world coming in every single day. They are all consistent in one thing: Mr. Huntley's story is real. The support is unbelievable. Personal stories of fear, by white South Africans, based on the colour of their skin, and of atrocities suffered by them and their family members and friends, because they are white, keep streaming in. Many have left South Africa already. Others still remain in South Africa.

2) As far as the so-called experts are concerned, who have confidently stated in the past 10 days, that no racial motivation is involved in Mr. Huntley's incidents and other incidents, we can only respond with the following: in a country which for decades was mired in apartheid, resulting in thousands if not millions of marginalized and disenfranchised African South Africans, to think that there is not even a little retribution sought or "payback" by some of those who suffered under the years of apartheid, in the violence on white South Africans, is naivety to the highest degree. This is not to say that we do not acknowledge that there are many incidents that occur without any racial motivation. However, Mr. Huntley's case provided an evidentiary foundation (through testimony determined credible by Mr. Davis and documentary evidence)to prove otherwise, in his particular circumstances.

3) Finally, Mr. Huntley's case was not based on only the incidents. It was based on the discriminatory policies of BEE and affirmative action, as well as the general atmosphere of insecurity in South Africa for many white South Africans, and for Mr. Huntley. He relied on these separate aspects to argue that "cumulatively" he had a well founded fear of persecution. These arguments are supported by paragraphs 53, 54 and 55 in the Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status, issued by the Office of The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. As far as the "appeal" is concerned, our office believes that the facts and the law are on the side of Mr. Huntley.

Russell Kaplan
Counsel for Mr. Huntley

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Anonymous said...

Well done all ILSA readers for standing up for a fellow white SA! At least we know how to support one of our kind when it really counts.

Anonymous said...

What Brandon's case has demonstrated is that none of us are alone anymore.

Censorbugbear said...

Good job - well done!

FMCLAW777 said...

Can you imagine what this is going to do to the ANC and to the Canadian Gov, not to mention the International community. Finally, true facts are being seen about what is happening in SA and it's Whites!!

Be sure to watch the news and statements from the ANC and it's YL Leader, Julius. I bet he will start his speech with "DOWN WITH RACISM" bullshit and then call all the contributors of evidence to Huntley's case, RACISTS!! And will then blame the WHITE MEDIA for contributing to the whole saga!!

We done and respect to all those who helped on making a stand for WHITE RIGHTS in SA and around the world. I believe that what Brendon has done is BRAVE and he has shown that what WHITES have to go through in SA. Soon you will see more WHITES seeking refugee status around the world and no country, especially european and western countries can deny the facts anymore. Soon we will have WHITE people flogging the streets around the world claiming WHITE PRIDE (as they are entitled too) and that we will no longer stand for this LIBERAL BULLSHIT that is fed to us everyday, no longer will we be made to feel guilt over what happened centuries ago, incl the apartheid issue about 15 years ago. I believe that the time is now, now we have the opportunity to stand and fight back against communism, multiculturism, marxists, liberals and minority race groups that proudly march the streets in claim for RACE PRIDE (BLACK PRIDE, HISPANIC PRIDE, INDIAN PRIDE, MUSLIM PRICE ETC), Soon WW3 will begin as we all know it will, we will try and show our WHITE PRIDE / HERITAGE and the rest of the world will want to stop us from doing so. Hence the WAR of RACES will begin and only the STRONG shall survive. Hopefully after WW3 has killed millions (estimated) the world (liberals) will see that muticulturism does not work when you force people to mix and we can live on our own land, where we are educated / developed by our own race kind!!

Anonymous said...

@ FMCLAW777 indeed. They have awoken the (white) giant.

FMCLAW777 said...

@dobes - Let's just hope that the WHITE race has learned their lessons during past and present failures. Let's hope they have learned to control themselves when it comes to dominance and quest for EXPLORATION. We must learn and take from the past that we made a lot of mistakes and that nearly cost us dearly since equal rights / opportunity and multiculturism.

This time we must let live and not even think of mixing, helping or trading with other races or countries except our own kind, let's develop ourselves instead of supporting the rest of the world and let's never try to dominate the world. Fuck knows, I don't want to go through this NEW SA SHIT in another 50 years or so or have my children's children go through this shit in 200 years from now.

I think this was a good learning curve for WHITE people to practice SELF CONTROL when it comes to other races and let's hope that they will continue this trend throughout the future. LONG LIVE WHITE PRIDE AND POWER and let us not have anyone take that away from us again. (by above I mean, let us rather rely on our own race for development, trade and economic growth than that of other races, hence slavery / oppression bla bla bla).

Anonymous said...

All my life I have been oppressed,you call this the luck of the draw.
Then in 1994 I had enough and forced myself to understand the meaning of oppression and wanting a better life without oppressing others.
What happens in South Africa by the ANC is oppression of all people for gain-corruption and power
Were I to start a biography of my life it needs only one sentence:"
Politicians are the filth of any free society."

Islandshark said...

Well done ILSA!

To the ANC communist lackeys - congratulations on awakening the slumbering giant of marginalised and victimised voices.

Did you really think we couldn't play your game better than your corrupt little thugs did?

This is only the beginning!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Canada and brave South Africans united.

Anonymous said...

It remains a work in progress. Brandon Huntley still needs to overcome the remaining hurdles. Fortunately Mr. Kaplan has acknowledged that he is receiving the evidence.

Ron. said...

Glad to see Kaplan is receiving & looking at the evidence. Let's just hope that the ruling is not overturned by political pressure as the reality of White victims goes against the political narrative of both countries. In other words let's hope the evidence can be allowed to speak for itself & not shouted down or denied for the sake of so called diplomatic relations.

Fmclaw777. Well let's hope a World War can be averted because the ruling elites would like nothing better than to have one so that they can exploit the situation / make profits selling weapons & cull "excessive" population numbers to boot. War is exactly what they would want.

Furthermore: I would remind you that it was not the bulk of White people who ever decided to dominate the work or to exploit foreign regions but rather that of the ruling elite as White people were never given a vote on the matter nor were involved in the decision making process & in fact the bulk of White folks were used as fodder for the machination of the rulers who DID make the decisions. Just look at how White people even ever arrived in Africa alone. An executive decision was made by elites [ ie: the VOC & later the British Empire ] which sent them there en mass while they were never much consulted about the move. White people first came to North America mainly as a result of trying to get away from oppression & persecution back home. White people as a whole have got to stop conflating themselves with actions of those who lord over them or act as representatives of them. The problem has little to do with the bulk of White folks but with its elite ruling class which acts on behalf of their OWN personal agenda which often RISKS & even SACRIFICES the lives of the average White person.

Anonymous said...

Letters to the Editor.

Dear Sir,

For granting refugee status to WHITE man Brandon Huntley from South Africa.
White South African granted refugee status in Canada.
Also for being the FIRST Civilised Western Country to acknowledge that the Whites in South Africa are under threat and are being targeted and murdered by BLACKS.
The true “Colour of Crime” and the True Crime statistics are being hidden by the South African Black Government.
There is GENOCIDE going on in South Africa and the Blacks are targeting and Murdering the Whites every day.
MORE than 35,000 White South Africans murdered since 1994.
The Blacks still today very actively promote and sing “Kill the Boer, Kill the White Farmer”.
More than 100000 attacks on White Farmers which are increasing daily.
The BLACK South African Police are useless and the White Farmers are abandoning their farms by the hundreds for fear of being murdered by BLACKS.
79% of calls to POLICE stations - including the 10111 number - are NOT attended to.
South Africa is the CRIME, MURDER RAPE Capital of the World.
60 to 149 MURDERS per DAY South Africa.
1 RAPE every 17 Seconds in South Africa.
67,000 BABIES RAPED by BLACK MEN, cases IN ONE YEAR, South Africa.
South Africa the most MURDEROUS society on earth.
10 Million Violent Crimes South Africa in ANC 14 years.
The ANC Black Government has turned South Africa from a First World Country to a Third Word Slum with the highest crime rate in the world with Murder, Rape, Theft, Bribery, Fraud and Corruption everywhere.
The ANC Black Government is the most Incompetent, Corrupt government we have ever had in South Africa.
WHITES are Less than 2% of the Prison Population in South Africa.
Non-Whites are 99% of the Prison Population in South African.
Therefore almost every WHITE victim of violent crime has been a victim of Non-White, BLACK criminals.
I Snowy Smith have personally been MUGGED 6 times in Durban, 11 attempted muggings, robbed at gun point in Knysna and lost +- R2.5 million RANDS to BLACK Thieves. The South African Government has failed and or refused to protect Whites from Black murderers and in actual fact has turned a blind eye to the Genocide of Whites which is all part of their hidden agenda to steal the White mans assets and property.
South Africa is a Criminals Paradise, the New Zimbabwe South.
It would be fantastic to once again live in a SAFE Civilised country.
Its time to tell the World.
All Tourists Welcome.

Best Regards,

Snowy Smith
Senior Complaints Investigator
Consumer Protection Guide (No Fear, No Favour)
Fair Civil Law

Anonymous said...

@Doberman, is that you Brandon Huntley?, it seems you either are him or you're related to the man, as your responses are very vague and seems quiet uneducated as I believe the man in question is. Well, he has pulled a fast one on Canada that's for sure, kudo's to him for that.Check out his Facebook post the day after. His marriage plot did go so well.Unfortunately for Mr Kaplan though, if he's worth his weight in gold, he'll have to buld a better case next time, as it looks awefully alot like Brandons coming back home. I wonder what's his sister's witness fee.They have got to make this stick, i mean their rep's at stake here. He's from Mowbray Capetown right? Wouldn't he have been attacked more likely by coloured dudes. 7 times and not reported??? Been to Capetown and know that the police stations there are much more accomodating than the ones in JHB. And a big guy like that...7 times, and a martial artist nogal...7 times. Snowy Smith...Bwhahahahahhahahahahaa where'd you get those stats from dude? 2.5 mil, no wonder you're pissed(now where'd you get 2.5 big ones from as a "Senior Complaints Investigator").

Viking said...

Barry, is that you?

Where exactly must Huntley go? he has no foreign passport and his own nation sure as hell doesn't want him.

Anonymous said...

Not barry my man. You know, since reading these blogs, i've come to see through you whites dudes. You put on a mask when interacting with other races but reveal your true selves behind closed doors and around the braai. I know now how some of you think and feel, i dont blame you for hiding your true selves as it self preservation. You take the glory of generations of other white people and apply it yourselves and feel empowered."We have done this, we have done that". What have you done in your capacity? You display a lack of emotion for your elderly as you ship them of to retirements homes in their golden age. You talk about the brother/sister you have spoken to for years. There must be many degrees of savage, you guys display a more cold, calculated savage. You should be upset for the way your parents raised you, you guys lack love and affection. Not to piss you off, but I have dated your ladies on occasion, and on each experience have found them to have lacked any real affection from previous white boys, interesting.

Exzanian said...

12 September 2009 9:09 PM
I used to have a lift club into work. Two Indians and another white. When we were in that car, we ALL talked about the kaffirs. We would moan and bitch like there was no tomorrow. At work, the mask was on. On the way back home again and the kaffirs flowed freely from all lips again. BTW, the one Indian guy was in his fifties, he used to be involved in protests against apartheid in the 70's and had even been sjambocked by the police for his efforts. He was singing a different tune in my car I can tell you...

Viking said...

@Anon 9:09pm
Your comments on our fair race are interesting and reflect a general stereotype of white people. That we are cold is an old one, and has some truth. We are seemingly less slave to our passions (the Greeks noted this too) and are better able to defer gratification- it's likely an evolutionary trait. But those are generalisations.
And, BTW, I had an Indian girlfriend until recently.
Your own ethnic group have a lot more in common with whites than you obviously would like to admit (as you are Aryans too, some might say), and I suggest you make some sort of peace with us, as we are less likely to do you harm in this country.

Anonymous said...

@Exzanian, I see how I would come across as generalising about white people, so lets put that to bed, I'm sure there are millions if good liberal minded white people out there that I have not had the pleasure of meeting. My resentment is aimed at you guys, here on ILSA, who pulled the racism card for this dimwit slacker Brandon. I'm well aware of Indians and their superiority complexes over other black people. They've lived out "in some cases" privileged lives during and after apartheid in their communities. Our ability to live together in harmony is our strength and secret to our successes. However, like you guys, we have idiots too, who contribute nothing to trying to live in a REAL rainbow nation. They will indulge your appetite for racism against black people in return for acceptance. You see, whatever derogatory quip you come back with doesn't affect us, as we're happy with ourselves. We're extremely resilient people and can adapt easily, can you? Exzanian, you throw around the word kafir so easily, why? You would not have the nerve to say that in public to black people, so you are a little cowering racist living in his momma's house who can't get job and can't get laid so he sit's on the internet slinging racial slurs. I pity you. Wanna a job cleaning my Beemer, boy?

@Viking, you show promise as a liberal minded person as seen from your previous comments. I can tell you do not entirely share the same sentiments as the rest of these society rejects. You acknowledged white peoples "evolutionary trait" in grand style. Indian Aryans ??, i don't think so, we're not that ambitious.

@Doberman, White giant??? You're like the little louse, hanging of a pube, on the nut sack of this so called white giant, so while you're down there, go put that dirty mouth to better use.

Anonymous said...

Aww, the little turd is back on mommie's computer again. Here's the thing douchebag, the ad hominem attacks while amusing for a time gets quite tiring and boring, seen one doos, seen them all..blah blah. There you sit, and there you insult, what a big boy. You don't know me, you don't know who you are threatening. Tell you what big man, click on my avatar and it will send you to my email and then let's chat in private, just you and me, ok?

Right, then, you tell me where we can meet up and I'll make a plan to get one of us to talk to you face to face about all sorts of topics affecting your little life. That's how I do it. Come on, I'm waiting, don't let me down, need your name and contact details, then we can talk ok? Last chance. Otherwise come on here and get constructive or you will be thrown out. You disagree with Huntley, we don't, you've made you point. If you have nothing else to add on the subject fuck off. This forum is for adults, not for immature imbeciles.

Viking said...

@Anonymous Indian
Urdu and Hindi are both Aryan languages -so it Pashto - but that's besides the point.
Most white South Africans (and certainly most of the contributors on here) gave a lot of contribution "to trying to live in a REAL rainbow nation" as you put it, and have been bitterly disappointed, as you can judge from the rhetoric.
Half of us live here, the rest left relatively recently, not amidst the panicked outflux of naysayers back in the early nineties. Those who believed in the constitution and stuck it out have been rewarded with what exactly?
The rainbow nation won't work if the majority try to live off the minority - that's just economics, not "racism".

Exzanian said...

Anon asked me "We're extremely resilient people and can adapt easily, can you? Exzanian?"

Listen up fucknut, I immigrated at the age on 39...A white pale male, with fuck all but the spine in my back and hope in my guts. I have survived three years here in the UK, no, sorry, not just survived, I succeeded!

You also said "You would not have the nerve to say that in public to black people, so you are a little cowering racist living in his momma's house who can't get job and can't get laid so he sit's on the internet slinging racial slurs. I pity you. Wanna a job cleaning my Beemer, boy?"

I never called ANYONE Kaffir, I used the word in a context to describe that other races also use the word. Are you not following the trail of breadcrumbs? Must I spell it out for you?

As noted before, I do not live in mommas's house. My parents are retired in SA. I live in the UK where I pay the rent by my own sweat and guts. I do not use the company's PC to post comments, like you probably do. I am not enslaved to the Bank by a 60 month term plus 70% balloon payment like you most certainly are and furthermore, I do not clean BMW's for anybody, least of all a bling loving asshole such as yourself.

I resent the racial epithet "BOY" I am not your boy. You make our argument in the Huntley saga far more eloquently than we could ourselves. Now back off back into the cave where you came out of before you start pissing me off you troglodyte....

Anonymous said...

I was made redundant in 2006 and couldn't find work because I was white.With a mortgage(Bond), insurance policies,pension plans,medical aid,school fees etc to pay,I had my back against the wall. Finally emigrated end 2006 totally broke but still had my skills recognised in the UK. I earn good money and have a good life.Sadly,there is a lot of ignorance and anti white South African sentiment in the UK because of the lies spread by the ANC and their communist cronies. Films like Lethal Weapon etc also stereotype South Africans.I put people right wherever I can and will continue to do so.I have lost count the amount of times I have been told to go back into the sea by black South Africans.We lived in fear in Cape Town. If the kids were 5 minutes late you worried. No way to live. The EU and other Western Democracies should automatically allow SA whites to immigrate into their countries.Why should these whites pay for the colonial past with their blood?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:45. Thanks for your comment. There are those that assert that we will never amount to anything more than pancake flippers, that we aren't as skilled as our overseas counterparts; so it is heartening to receive stories like yours. Moreover, your story highlights a self-evident truth. White persecution, through AA and BEE legislation.