Monday, September 07, 2009

Black Propensity To Commit Violence: It Is Worse Than I Thought

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Mr. Huntley, you are keeping me up late at night, gathering data, crunching numbers and revisiting old hypotheses. It's all for a good cause though; we are establishing a database of evidence.

Some of you may have read some of my exploratory trips on various topics, where I try to establish a picture using the available data. Crime is one of those topics.

Of late the MSM has tried to present crime as being a widespread national disease that affects all race groups; in fact it has been presented that blacks are predominantly the victims of crime. Although this is true on an absolute basis, this is not true on a relative basis with regards to murder.

But in the murder investigation, there remained the nagging limitation that critics could suggest that the reason minority race groups experienced higher rates of murder, despite eye witness reports, is because these groups are more murderous. In fact, the MSM has suggested that whites are often the perpetrators of such a heinous crime. Conversely, blacks are presented as not being race predators or predisposed to violence.

When conducting the aforementioned study, I resorted to using US data, where it was indicated that blacks commit violent crimes at a 3:1 ratio, relative to whites. But again, this could have easily been rejected given that the data was not South Africa specific.

Anyway I happened to stumble upon our prison statistics. Here it was mentioned that 56% of our prison population is associated with a violent crime. Moreover, the population was broken down by race. As soon as I had that information, I was able to compare it to the national population distribution. The results were startling.

If we have an equal propensity to commit violent crimes, then when we compare prison ratios these should be similar to the population spread. Well they are not. Whites and Asians commit violent crimes at an equal rate.

Blacks commit violent crimes at a rate 5.7 times that of whites.

That explodes the whole ubuntu theory. Oh crap, this new statistic means that some of my earlier theories need to be revisited. It means that I was right, sub-Saharan blacks do commit crimes at a higher rate than their black US brethren; but not at an arbitrary rate of 3.6 times, instead it is a whopping 5.7 times.

But the 5.7 ratio also means something else; it could mean that approximately 1 in 8 blacks will commit a violent crime (US 1 in 12) versus whites at 1 in 46 (US 1 in 36). Yes, South African whites may be more peaceful than their US counterparts.

So put it all together. Whites are murdered at a rate in excess of their population proportion, yet blacks are murdered at a rate below what would be expected. However, blacks commit violent crimes at 5.7 times the rate of whites. Given that they are overwhelmingly the majority, guess who is preying on who?

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done VI. I've forwarded this info to Huntley's lawyer as well.

Exzanian said...

And let's not forget that little detail, erm, ahh, what shall we call it, xenophobia perhaps? 67 bodies, burnt and hacked to death simply swept under the carpet (gee, did that actually happen only last year??? seems like 16 years ago)

Viking said...


ah.. Xenophobia.
Why do blacks need such a special word for racism?

Exzanian said...

Dunno Viking, but just think what a cop out Xenophobia is! Much akin in colour to the mysterious "third force" that Mandela magicked up in his mind in 1990... (and which Tarbo Mbeki resurrected last year, bless his memory)