Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another ANC success story

Shocking SABC 'rot' exposed

A report by the Auditor General has found hundreds of millions of rands in fruitless, wasteful and irregular spending at the SABC.

Parliament's communications portfolio committee chairman Ismael Vadi said on Tuesday he was shocked at the extent of the "rot" contained in the report.

"From the briefing we received this morning, I think we have before us a monumental failure of the executive management around financial controls and management at the SABC," he said.

"We had a gut feeling that the rot had set in, but I must say that this morning when we got the briefing I was shocked at the extent of the rot."

One of the findings in the 72 page report included irregularities in the awarding of seven tenders valued at R174-million, between September 2007 and June 2009.

"Evidence could not be found that a total of seven tenders awarded for an aggregate amount of R174 069-million were approved according to the appropriate levels stipulated in the Delegation of Authority Framework," the report said.

Another finding was that the former group chief executive had entered into a material agreement for R326-million with a consultant in September 2006, even though he did not have the authority to do so.

The report said that no corrective action had been taken to address deficiencies in the acquisition of international programme content, despite the advice that came from a forensic investigation in August 2007.

The investigation had reported irregularities of R111,746-million relating to double payments, overpayments, material paid for but not received, agreements that had to be renegotiated and programme titles acquired more than once from the same supplier.

The report said R11,3-million had been paid out in September 2007 to June 2009 to a private travel company for travel arrangements.

This was in contravention of the SABC's travel policy which requires all such travel arrangements to be made via the SABC's own travel office. - Sapa

4 Opinion(s):

Treacle Bender said...

ok...another shocking corruption scandal uncovered. it's like watching b-rated reruns all the time...different day, same shit..

the true colours of the greedy anc boons will be shown as more truth is uncovered..

alas, nobody will held accountable for any large scale mismanagement or theft of taxpayers monies..

absolutely pathetic and embarrassing!!!!

Doberman said...

On and on it goes, one corruption scandal after another, to be repeated over and over until, really, we have a change of government. I would hate to guess how much has been squandered by the ANC in 16 years. Start with the Arms Deal and work downwards..

AMB said...

Another notch on the ANC belt of corruption.

Scorpion said...

Corruption and fraud are not crimes anymore. That is becoming clearer every day. It now falls under 'unethical' which is of course not illegal. Aaah, such a nice loop hole.
And anyone who dares to have a problem is a racist. Naturally.

So often liberals will refer back to "the Apartheid government was just as corrupt!!!"

Perhaps. It is ancient history anyway, but, unlike the ANC pricks, the previous government at least remembered to still do what needed to be done as far as governing is concerned. Oh, and they remembered to at least take care of their own people, something the ANC clean forgets about.

They care for 'their people' as far as they need votes to keep them as the keepers of the grail.

I get so angry thinking of the short sightedness of the ANC big bosses, but looking at the masses always voting for them based on nothing but a single food parcel two weeks before the election date - one has to ask whether things will ever come right.

As long as the uneducated masses outnumber intelligent South Africans we are up shit creek with no paddle.