Friday, September 18, 2009

Another ANC plan innie kak

The department is buying land from farmers, but then failing to pay for it.

Because it is broke.

It's budget is spent.

Inside the first three months.

It owes farmers R2,4 billion.

Hello taxpayer milk cows where art thou...?

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"The Minister has failed to inform the country of the serious crisis that has emerged from his Department. He failed to play open cards by not disclosing to Parliament that alleged written agreements by his Department to purchase land from land owners - totalling some R2,4 billion - can now not be paid because 97 percent of the Department's budget was spent within three months of the financial year," said Koos van der Merwe IFP Chief Whip.

In addition, van der Merwe added: "Verbal offers made by the Minister's Department to purchase land run into a further hundreds of millions of Rand which can now not be honoured."

On 10 September 2009 the Land Claims Court judge Yasmin Shennaz Meer made an order against the Minister and various other respondents in the matter of Mr H Wolmarans, court case number LCC 150-09.

In this case Mr Wolmarans' land was bought and transfer documents were already submitted in the Deeds Office for registration when the Department instructed the attorneys to withdraw the documents from the Deeds Office as they have no money to pay the purchase price. The Court ordered, inter alia, that the documents be re-lodged in the Deeds Office within 48 hours after the date of the order and that the purchase price plus interest plus cost be paid.

"Various irate land owners, who are facing huge losses because of the Department's breaches of contract, are now consulting their lawyers and it is expected that numerous Court applications may follow claiming hundreds of millions of rand from the Department," said van der Merwe.

The IFP regrets this state of affairs which regrettably points to a serious crisis in land reform. "It is hoped that President Zuma will intervene to save the land reform process," added van der Merwe.

Statement issued by the Inkatha Freedom Party.

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Anonymous said...

Then the land just goes to waste!

Anonymous said...

"It is hoped that President Zuma will intervene to save the land reform process," added van der Merwe."

Yeah - new land reform law will be to throw the farmers off their lands ala Zimboonwe