Saturday, September 19, 2009

The ANC version of Apartheid

By Lyndall Beddy (Richmark Sentinel)

If the ANC thinks their policies justifiable – then justify them. But don’t insult our intelligence, and the intelligence of the rest of the world (including Canada), by pretending they are not racist.

The ANC version of apartheid, euphemistically called BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), is not only anti-white it is also anti-brown, which is insane considering that both whites and blacks are settlers,and the browns are the only indigenous population.

The ANC also pretends that Afrikaans, our largest first language group, is a white and not a brown language.

In the beginning, back in the early days when we really believed we were getting a non-racial society, whites were also enthusiastic about Affirmative Action. My brother called in his brown foreman and said he was making him an equal partner in his business. My brother would do the marketing, and his new partner the administration, and my brother would also get involved with starting something else to make up his loss of income. Except that they did municipal work – and the municipality told them outright that brown did not count for AA. I suspect the councillor wanted to give the business to a family member (possibly at double the price for half the efficiency?). My brother found his partner a job, had to fire the rest of his staff, and liquidated his business with himself as the only creditor for his loan account. He swore never again – and started looking at opportunities in Canada for importing.

A friend of mine, who qualified as a doctor in the apartheid days, and was top of her class (writing the same exam as the whites but getting a different piece of paper), was a member of PAC during the struggle in exile. She decided that she liked the idea of the homecoming spiel and flew out from London for an interview for a job at Groote Schuur/UCT. The examination committee, speaking Xhosa in front of her, which they did not realize she understood, out rightly said they did not want a “coolie” for the job, only a black man. She by the way is not only an international top expert in her field, but also in the treatment of Aids. She was phoned later by a black male colleague, who had not applied for the job, but had been offered it by the committee. He was very indignant on her behalf as he knew her qualifications and did not want the job anyhow. She flew back to London and is still there, and the job could still be vacant.

This was at the time that Mbeki was assuring the press there were no vacancies at Groote Schuur for doctors as a result of AA/BEE. I e-mailed the details of the story, and her contact numbers, to the Sunday Times, who never followed it up. I suspected at the time that this was because she was brown and the editor was black.

Everyone in the Western Cape can tell you similar stories of ANC racism in this province.

Today, on the radio, I heard that this is not only happening in the Western Cape but also in Natal. A caller advised that he can’t get work in Kwa-Zulu Natal, despite his BEE status, because he is advised that he is brown, not black. Apparently in that province you have to comply with PPI, which means being a Priority Population Individual (i.e. black not brown ).

If the ANC thinks their policies justifiable – then justify them. But don’t insult our intelligence, and the intelligence of the rest of the world (including Canada), by pretending they are not racist.

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Anonymous said...

Thing is, I wouldn't mind notices such as this (photo), IF only we could have our own countries WITH our own beaches, just like the blacks did during "apartheid"!

Exzanian said...

(Ham in the sandwich syndrome)
I had plenty of Indian friends in SA. When that black tornado (transformation) came to blight our poor land, they all complained that in the past they had never been white enough for promotion, but after 1994, they were not black enough...

Ron. said...
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Ron. said...

This is why I stated Apartheid never quite left: it just changed hands. Though with the difference [ as Anon pointed out ] of not being granted separate geographical areas as was the case in the past.