Thursday, September 10, 2009

ANC hypocracy

Don't worry I know how to spell hypocrisy (at least I hope my spellchecker does..;) but I thought this new word I've just invented best describes the ANC regime's foreign dealings. I won't use the words "foreign policy" because the ANC doesn't have one except flipping the bird at the West and cosying up to dictators and terrorist regimes.

Y'see, to the north of us we have a hypocracy run by a malevolent little mini-me Hitler wannabe responsible for stealing election after election since 2000, so effectively coup after coup right? He is financed, supported and indeed lauded by the ANC regime. Over to the right on the large island off our coast a little coup happened recently (this is Africa folks, expect it) but because this upstart was not in on the old boy's network his government is "illegal". You figure it out.

SADC: Sanctions against Zimbabwe should end


Southern African leaders have rejected a transitional government announced by Madagascar's self-proclaimed leader Andry Rajoelina. They were joined by three former Malagasy presidents who said the new government is illegal.

The outgoing chairman of the Southern African Development Community, South African President Jacob Zuma, told reporters following the SADC summit in Kinshasa that the 15-member group condemns the new government in Madagascar.

He recalled that SADC suspended Madagascar's membership after then-President Marc Ravalomanana was ousted in March by current leader Andry Rajoelina.

"It was a coup, unconstitutional change, and we do not accept it," said Zuma. "That's our premise. Whatever else that happened after that does not count insofar as references. We would want to see the restoration of the constitutionality in Madagascar."

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