Thursday, September 17, 2009

Adviser "starting to hate white people"

What has this guy been smoking?

BITOU ratepayers have been paying the salary and living expenses of “political advisor” Kenny Leluma for about five months, even though he has been working for the beleaguered Ventersdorp municipality in North West.

Asked for comment, Leluma said yesterday that he was “honestly starting to hate white people – they are not in this country to build”.

“Why should we not go help other municipalities that are failing? We have got the skills and we should help them,” an emotional Leluma said.

On April 8 Provincial and Local Government Minister Sicelo Shiceka requested Leluma’s secondment to North West for three months, and the Ventersdorp council last week adopted a resolution extending his period of employment as acting municipal manager to the end of February next year.

Part of the Ventersdorp resolution states that the North West town’s mayor should “write a letter of appreciation” to Bitou Mayor Lulama Mvimbi “for the financial assistance given in the past”.

The preamble to the resolution notes that the mayor of Ventersdorp negotiated with Mvimbi “to pay for Mr Leluma’s transport and accommodation for one month”.

“However, Bitou continued paying for the other months. Mr Leluma is still on the Bitou payroll and we (Ventersdorp) do not contribute anything towards his salary. For these, we are thankful to the Bitou local municipality.”

Ventersdorp acknowledged “we must take responsibility for some of these expenses” and the resolution recommended that the North West municipality take over payment of Leluma’s travel and accommodation, but Bitou will continue to pay his salary of more than R40000 a month.

Bitou DA councillor Johann Brummer said Leluma’s deployment to Ventersdorp was irregular because it had not been approved by the council or, if delegated by Mvimbi, the council had not been informed of the decision as required by law.

“As it is, we (opposition councillors) only found out about this in the newspapers,” Brummer said.

Leluma, however, said yesterday that a council resolution was not necessary as his deployment fell under the ambit of corporate governance.

He asked why he should resign from Bitou in order to help Ventersdorp.

Leluma said that only the DA was making a “big issue” out of his deployment and that nobody in Bitou had complained when the central government had pledged R1,2-billion for development in the Garden Route municipality.

“I am getting damned fed up with the DA. This is disgusting, and when the DA starts talking nonsense, the media runs after them. It is sickening to the bones.”

In an emotional tirade yesterday, Leluma said “whites” wanted to see the ANC fail.

“I have had enough. Every day. I cannot keep answering these questions ... I am honestly starting to hate white people. They are not in this country to build.

“You never see whites living in shacks, and we will go and help those people who need help.

“Honestly, I am starting to agree with those who feel the whites must leave South Africa and go to Europe or even Australia.”

If residents were not happy with the way the ANC ran Plettenberg Bay, they should “vote us out”, Leluma said, adding that “the DA will never win Bitou”.

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FishEagle said...

"I am honestly starting to hate white people"

BULL SHIT! Be honest! You mean, "I am starting to be honest about hating white people."

Anonymous said...

He means "I hate whitey for constantly pointing out the corruption. Without whitey, we could steal so much more". AA. Another Arsehole.

klipgeit said...

If you have never seen a white squatter camp go to Krugersdorp(Mogale City) and ask the mayor to show you one


The ANC is failing spectaculary all on their own. Totally irrelevant if Whites wish for this failure to happen or not. The smarter boons see that they are stuffing up the land beyond repair and are positioning the obvious scapegoat ( surprise - surprise )for their failings : the WHITES .

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this blog quite honestly sounds or seems like a bunch of expats that hate the the know the types that live in the UK and ALWAYS moan...just maybe you guys are local Moaners....Im a kaapse fletse laaitie. The following is fact. Under the guidance of Trevor,Tito and Thabo, this country has had the MOST successful economic growth span over ten years. FACT. This....after the financial condition in which the NATS handed over the country. Climb out from under your rocks !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Anon @2:00 AM, how deluded you really are.
Why is unemployment so high if we have such a wonderful economy. Hmmm?

Exzanian said...

Whiteadder. Spot on. It is not that we wish SA to fail, the ANC is doing that without any wishes at all.
Anon 2AM:
Before you go shooting off the hip, you may want to spend a little time following the facts which have been chronicled on this blog instead of shooting off your mealy mouthed, MSM influenced rancid mutterings. Some samples:

Parastals Bankrupt/ no service
- Helkom
- Eishkom
Concils Bankrupt (almost all of them)
- Potholes never get fixed
- Bling councillors siphon off wealth
- Corruption
Crime and Xenophobic murders
- Influx of refugees
- Shopping malls under siege
- 50 + murders per day
- 67 hacked to death last year in a gore fest

Education a shambles/ total disgrace
- First year Uni students cannot read or do maths
- Minister of Higher education is a commie
- nearly 50% matric failure rate
- Charming but corruptable president
- Julius Malema
- Strikes and social upheaval
- Black racist judges
- Race card immunity for all blacks
- 45% unemployment
- BEE and racist AA
- Looming Communism

Yah, sorry, you are right, we've got no point of view. Just a bunch of moaners.

Anonymous said...

Well said ExZ, it astounds me the amount of deluded fools about. The facts are there but they can't see beyond their own noses. They don't want to. They believe the crap the msm feeds them.

The ANC rode a global wave of prosperity, a false prosperity it turned out to be, nothing of their doing and the severe recession SA is undergoing at present is testament to the mishandling of the economy.

The ANC was handed an economy destroyed by sanctions and boycotts, there was only one way to go and that was up. Suddenly SA was free to trade with whomever so business flowed. And a growth of 3-5% is crap when you look at Brazil, China, Russia which have similar economies and far less unemployment.

Hey, what do we know. We're just moaners, moaners that use facts.

Anonymous said...

Australia announced today that their population would expand to double by 2049 (about 35 million) and are planning on how to handle this currently. That got me thinking. What is SA's population going to be in 2049 and are the ANC at all worried about how to feed and look after so many people with an unemployment rate @ +/-45%? Despite people not having money, it does not stop them breeding. It doesn't appear as if there are new jobs being created ( Zuma Machine-Gun' prediction of 500 000 new jobs by year has been blown out the water). In fact, SA has lost close to 500 000 jobs in the last few years (about 200 000 this year alone). So, when people like anon @2am visit this site and gargle garbage about how wonderful SA is since ANC rule, then you have to wonder at the mentality and IQ of these persons. Do they not worry about the future? Do they really believe that the ANC is looking forward and not constantly over their shoulder? Are they planning on how to look after an ever increasing poplulation? Or is their population control being left to AIDS? Lets face it, the ANC doesn't exactly inspire optimism. They are in the business of self enrichment and paying back all and sundry who helped them in some way in the past and present. When will this payback end and in what condition will SA be in once these morons have vacated the office? Have they even done studies to predict the population and how to plan going forward? Would love to know what the white numbers will be...

klipgeit said...

Anon@2am You are quite right and Doberman is wrong.
The new SA is better than the old SA.
1. Corruption is flourishing,
2.Black baby productivity boomers are flourishing.
3.Crime is flourishing
4.The senility and crookedness in parliament and in unions are flourishing
5.The fat cow handed on a plate in 1994 is a rattling skeleton in 2009
6.The justice system has become deranged tribal reed-dance folklore
7.Sports is a flamboyant flop gender spectacle,bar the Rugby and Cricket-both whitey dominated.
8. What else hmmm another 100 examples.

Mad Kiwi said...

"Under the guidance of Trevor,Tito and Thabo, this country has had the MOST successful economic growth span over ten years."

The same can be said of just about any country in the world.

NZ had huge growth despite all for the efforts of Labour Party to turn it into a commie state for most of that period.